Wonder Woman
Origin DC Comics
Debut: October 3rd 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Unknown
Wonder Woman is a Amazon from the DC Universe who currently competes in the M4G-Nation.

Princess Diana was born in Themyscira and won the right to be crowned "Wonder Woman" by beating other amazons in a competition. She eventually made her presence in the M4G-Nation on October 3rd 2012, facing the X-Men's Storm in an extreme rules match. She returned to the M4G-Nation in late July.

Wonder Woman is a member of the group of superheroes known as the Justice League in the comics. It is likely that she was affiliated with them in the M4G-Nation, considering she came out to the Justice League theme song from the TV Cartoon series. However, this is not been confirmed by the M4G-Nation.


Wonder Woman's only appearance came on October 3rd 2012 to battle Storm from the X-Men as the M4G-Nation hoped to bring in more harlots to help improve the Harlot's Division. Wonder Woman proved no match for Storm and was beaten in little time.

Wonder Woman would return to team with Morgan and Harlot Division Champion Daenerys Targaryen vs The Gang Bang. Wonder woman would be pinned by Daphne Blake losing the match for her team.

Theme SongEdit

Justice League Live Action Version Opening Theme-001:01

Justice League Live Action Version Opening Theme-0


  • Wonder Woman's entrance in the M4G-Nation parodied real-life wrestler Beth Phoenix's entrance. This is likely due to Beth's nickname being the "Glamazon" and Wonder Woman being from Amazonian heritage.
  • Wonder Woman comes out to the Justice League theme song, the same theme song the Justice League came out to during their matches against the Avengers. However it is not confirmed whether Wonder Woman is an official member of the M4G-Nation's Justice League stable.

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