The following is the second ever M4G-Nation Draft game done between the members of the wiki. Rules to the game can be seen here The M4G-Nation Draft Game. The game is a rift off fantasy type games like fantasy football and fantasy hockey. 

Game 2 Start time Novemember 2nd 2013 End Time Galaitic Throwdown 3Edit


Tom Robinson(Game 1 Champion) 

The Armbar Express

Vegeta(Captain and Intergalactic Champion), Cookie Monster(Vice Captain), Tien, Spiderman, Trunks, Ash, M Bison, Megaman, Deadpool(Internet Championship), Buu, Kazuya Mishima,

D League Team (The Robinson Rumble) Piccolo(TMNXT Championship, Nappa, Burger King(TMNXT Tag Team Champion),


Dan James Sylvester Crow 

The GoKrew Version 2

Quan Chi(Captain and Solar Flare Champion), Bane, Bandit Keith, Devimon, Captain Falcon, Andriod 17, Jesus, Goku, Iron Patriot, Thor(Mr. Money in the Bank) Captain America(M4G-Nation Green Champion, Ryu

D league Gohan, Bowser, Deathstroke, Gronk, Scott Steiner

Points: 590

Skyler Greenberg

Ultimate Smackdown Squad 

Kratos(Captain and M4G-nation Blue Champion), Jack-6, Captain Pollution, Loki, Yusuke Urameshi, Jason Voorhess, The Tick, King Leondias, Zangief, Robin, The Ridder

D League Woody(Tag Team Champion), The Punisher, Man in the Yellow Hat, Ray Lewis, Crash Bandicoot

Points: 710

Daily Points won and lostEdit

TMNXT season 2 episode 2

match 1 eliminations wash

match 2 eliminations Tom loses 10 points. Dan gets 20 pinfall points and 50 match points

match 3 eliminations skyler loses 20 points

Blue 12

Captain Pollution vs Red Ranger. Pollution wins. Skyler gets 10 win points

None of the our guys win the 6 man ladder match

Kratos vs Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster wins. Skyler loses 20 points Tom wins 10 points

TMNXT season episode 3

Piccolo vs The Punisher. Piccolo retains. Tom wins 10 pinfall points and 20 retainment points, Skyler loses 10 points

Punishment match

Eiliminations Dan-10, Tom 0, Skyler 20 and 50 points for the win

Scott Stiner vs Demon Chicken. Scott Stiener wins. Dan gets 20 points

6 man TMNXT number one contendership match. Yoda wins. no one gets points.

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