Walter White
Walter white
Origin Breaking Bad
Debut: April 5th 2014
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Piledriver
Walter White is the protagoinist of the television series Breaking Bad and currently a member of the TMNXT roster as a member of the Icebergs.


Walter White was once a promising chemist and one of the founders of Grey-Matter Technologies alongside his friends Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz. Due to personal reasons, he took a buyout of £5000 and left the company which went on to make billions without him. Walter married his wife Skyler and had a son called Walt Jr and was expecting a second when he was diagnosed with cancer. Stuck at a dead-end teaching job and low on cash, Walter decided to use his knowledge of chemistry to enter the drug trade with former student Jesse Pinkman. Over time however, Walt's life was becoming ever darker by the minute suddenly turning this family man into one of the most prolific drug lords in fictional history.


Walter White has been mentioned a number of times before in the M4G-Nation, with Packard jokingly stating that Walter White would be his mystery 31st entrant in the TMNXT Royal Rumble.

Walter White was selected as the 4th draft pick of the TMNXT Draft by Tom Robinson representing The IceBergs on March 23rd 2014. He made his debut in the first episode of TMNXT Season 1 on April 5th 2014 as part of the second six man elimination match. Walter demonstrated an incredible amount of endurance despite having cancer and even eliminated Tony The Tiger. He made the final three but he would eventually get eliminated by Ray Lewis

Before appearing in the second TMNXT Royal Rumble, he competed in a Movie Promo match where he competed against Godzilla (this was due to the character's actor Bryan Cranston being in the 2014 Godzilla movie). White lost the match but is still set to compete in the TMNXT Rumble alongside 29 other wrestlers.


  • Walter White was the first and only wrestler to have appeared in a promo match while at the same time part of the D-League.

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