Origin Where's Wally?
Debut: July 26, 2013
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Unknown

Waldo is the main character of the Where's Wally? books. He is a former member of The Orange Iguanas and is currently is released.

The books revolve around the reader trying to find him hiding in a large crowd of people.



Waldo was Pat James Regan/Black Wing's fourth pick for The Orange Iguanas in the D-League. Waldo debuted by losing to Curious George, Joey Ryan, The Terminator, Ronald McDonald, and Burger King in a 6-man battle royal.

In the first TMNXT Royal Rumble, Waldo entered at #29. He scored no eliminations and was eliminated by Joey Ryan.

In TMNXT episode 8, he was in an elimination chamber match with Popeye, Darkwing Duck, Ronald McDonald, Blake Griffin, and Spawn. He had only one elimination (who was Spawn)  which won him the match. He was in the winners chamber but was the third man eliminated.

In the D-League Tournament, he was seeded at number 8. His opponent in the first round was M. Bison (seed 25). M. Bison dominated and won that match and was able to move on.

Waldo was PJRs pick to place in the Zack Ryder Open. His first opponent was Peyton Manning but Waldo was unable to pick up the win

Waldo was planned to be picked up but since Trevor literally couldn't find him, Waldo got replaced by Kimbo Slice.

Theme SongEdit

Waldo - Where's Waldo? (Intro)01:04

Waldo - Where's Waldo? (Intro)


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