Lord Voldemort
Origin Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Debut: August 16, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Avada Kedavra (Jawbreaker followed by a sitout facebuster.)
Lord Voldemort (referred to in the M4G-Nation as simply Voldemort, without the title/rank) is the primary antagonist of the renowned Harry Potter book and movie series. He appeared in the M4G-Nation as a professional wrestler.

Voldemort has made little impact in the M4G-Nation universe during his brief stint in the league, participating in two matches and a single Royal Rumble without much success. He is a former tag team partner alongside 50 Cent.


The villainous wizard entered the company and made his debut in a singles match versus Frieza. Securing his victory over the Dragon Ball Z character, Voldemort then attempted to garner momentum at the second ever Royal Rumble match. Voldemort entered as the fourth entrant, but was recognized as the first superstar to be eliminated, having been thrown over the top rope by Sonic The Hedgehog . Following his lackluster performance at the rumble, the arch-villain termed as 'He-who-must-not-be-named' joined forces with rapper 50 Cent to take on Spartan Fury. In the match held to determine the final eligible contender for the TMN Tag Team Tourney, the uncanny alliance between the fictional wizard and the real life rap artist suffered defeat, thus losing their opportunity to compete for the Tag Team Championship.

Later, Voldemort was declared to be released from the M4G-Nation.


  • Pat James Regan deliberately confuses Voldemort for the mythological 'Slender Man', largely due to their similar attire and pale complexion.
  • He and Ganondorf share several similarities in the M4G-Nation: They are dark-clad arch-villains from their respective fictional universes, their entire tenure in the company had transipred in WWE '12, and they made their debut fighting against Frieza, whom they defeated. Furthermore, both of their victories against Frieza proved to be their only wins in their time spent signed to the company. Also, the two had each formed a tag team, both of which were notable for being winless.

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