Origin Dragonball Z
Debut: August 14th 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Saiyan Powerslam (Lifting Spinning DDT)
Videl is a fighter from the Dragonball Z universe that has appeared in the M4G-Nation.

Videl was the girlfriend and wife of the son of Goku, Gohan and only ever appeared once in the M4G-Nation before in a losing effort to Black Widow.


Videl is the daughter of World Martial Arts Champion Mr Satan. Videl had high admiration for her father and like the rest of the world believed that he defeated Cell and considered him the strongest fighter in the world. Little did Videl know that she herself was stronger than her father as she would spend a lot of her time fighting crime and aspiring to eventually beat her father. When the Great Saiyaman emerges in her city, Videl attempts to learn of the superhero's identity. This leads Videl to Gohan, who reveals his identity and teaches Videl how to fly. After spending a lot of time with Gohan and watching him during the World Martial Arts Tournament, Videl realizes that it was actually Gohan who defeated Cell. Despite not being anywhere near of the power of the Z Fighters, Videl is still one of the strongest humans in the world and is not a girl you want to take lightly despite who her father is. 


Videl first appeared on August 14th 2012 to face Black Widow. However, Videl couldn't best Black Widow who went on to compete for the Harlot Division Championship. Shortly afterwards, Videl was released by the M4G-Nation.


  • Videl appears in the costume she wears when she debuts in the "Great Saiyaman Saga" of the Dragonball Z anime.

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