Vernal Equinox 2: Equinox Harder was a M4G-Nation Pay-Per-View Event which took place on May 4, 2014. it was the second Vernal Equinox Event.

The main event of this Pay-Per-View was a Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match between the reformed Buu Supremacy vs. La Pollution. Other matches featured on the card consisted of a Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship, and a Steel Cage Match for the M4G-Nation Green Championship.

Background Edit

Vernal Equinox 2: Equinox Harder featured simulated professional wrestling matches that involve fictional wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on the M4G-Nation's daily episodes. Wrestlers will portray villains or heroes as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

The predominant rivalry heading into the event was between Captain Pollution and Buu. Buu reappeared after his loss at Northern Lights 2 demanding a rematch, this time in a Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match, with the stipulation that the losing team will be forced to break up.Following his victory against Buu in a career threatening match, Captain Pollution proceeded to defeat Red Ranger on Episode 12 of M4G-Nation Blue. Afterwards, Buu arrived, and the two engaged in a brawl where the duo had to be pulled apart by other wrestlers. On the following episode, Buu joined forces with Iron Man and Spawn in what was touted to be a newly-reformed Buu Supremacy. However, the trio were defeated in a Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match against Mortal Kombat.

M4G-Nation Green's primary rivalry was between Ryu and Captain America. After a champion vs. champion match between the former and Quan Chi went awry when Devimon entered and attacked both men, Captain America - who won a Money in the Bank Ladder Match months earlier, arrived with Cell and cashed in his contract, defeating a weakened Ryu in the process and thus winning the M4G-Nation Green Championship. On the following episode of M4G-Nation Green, Captain America cut a promo challenging Ryu to a rematch at the following event in a Steel Cage Match, where he declared that he'll beat the former champion cleanly.

After losing his M4G-Nation Blue Championship, Ash Ketchum approached General Manager Magneto demanding a rematch. Magneto granted him the opportunity, but stated that his match vs. M4G-Nation Blue Champion Kratos will also include Jason Voorhees in an Extreme Rules Match. An episode later, Cookie Monster shockingly defeated Kratos in the main event, thus earning a shot at M4G-Nation Blue's top prize. Ash was then pit against Jason Voorhees in a singles match on Episode 13, where Voorhees claimed victory by reversing a roll-up pinning attempt.

Two Royal Rumble Matches were held by both brands in order to determine two top contenders for Mega Man's Atom-Weight Championship. Spiderman represented M4G-Nation Blue by last eliminating Link, while M4G-Nation Green's Royal Rumble winner was Cyclops, who qualified when he last eliminated V.

Results Edit

# Match Stipulation
1 Mortal Kombat (Reptile and Scorpion) (c) defeated Red Death (Red Tornado and Zangief) to retain the Tag Team Championship. Tag Team Steel Cage Match
2 Green Goblin (c) defeated Spawn, Raphael, King Leonidas, Robin, and Deadpool to retain the Hardcore Championship. Elimination Chamber Match
3 Mega Man (c) defeated Cyclops and Spiderman to retain the Atom-Weight Championship. Triple Threat Elimination Match
4 Goku (c) defeated Devimon and Zangief to retain the Solar Flare Championship. Triple Threat Match
5 Vegeta (c) defeated Dante to retain the Intergalactic Championship. TLC Match
6 Captain America (c) defeated Ryu to retain the M4G-Nation Green Championship. Steel Cage Match
7 Cookie Monster defeated Kratos (c), Ash Ketchum, and Jason Voorhees to win the M4G-Nation Blue Championship. Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match
8 Buu Supremacy (Buu, Jesus, and Jack-6) defeated La Pollution (Captain Pollution, The Joker, and M. Bison). Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match, losing team forced to break up. (x)
  • (c) refers to the champion(s) entering the match.
  • (x) - Spawn and Iron Man were attacked prior to the match. Jack-6 and Jesus entered the match in their place.

Elimination Chamber Match Edit

Entrant Elimination # Eliminated By Elimination Move
1 Spawn 4 Green Goblin Pump-Handle Slam
2 Raphael 3 Spawn Tombstone Piledriver
3 King Leonidas 1 Robin Superkick
4 Robin 2 Green Goblin Pump-Handle Slam
5 Green Goblin WINNER N/A N/A
6 Deadpool 5 Green Goblin Full Nelson

Commentators Edit

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