Origin DC Comics
Debut: Main roster Debut(November 28th 2013)
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Spear

Venom is a supervillian from Marvel comics, is the arch enemy of Spiderman, a former member of Shadow Force WrestlingD-League, and a current member of M4G-Nation Blue roster.


Venom would debut on Shadow Focr Wrestling with Carage winning a tag team matchup. They would tema again but fail to win the Extra-Solar Tag Team Championships from Cid and Snow. 

He would debut on D-League in a Hell In A Cell matchup vs FriezaCableJack Skellington, Chewbacca, and Ultramantis BlackJack Skellington would win.

Venom would debut on M4G-Nation Blue in a TLC fatal four way vs ReptileSpawn, and the winner of the matchup The Tick.

On the July 16th edition of M4G-Nation Blue's show, Venom took part in a surprise attack on Jack-6, teaming up with Ryu Hayabusa, Sephiroth, and Sub-Zero.


  • He is the only person in the M4G-Nation to have appeared in the main roster, the D-League and Shadow Force Wrestling.

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