Vegeta and Trunks are members of the M4G-Nation that have a little history in the M4G-Nation as well as Dragonball Z.

Trunks is the human/saiyan hybrid child of Vegeta. A mini-feud has developed between the two in the M4G-Nation. While they've never had a singles one on one, the two have a habit of eliminating each other in Royal Rumble matches.

M4G-Nation HistoryEdit

Vegeta and Trunks' first encounter came in the 3rd Royal Rumble match on December 22nd 2012. Vegeta came out as the number 1 entrant of the match with Trunks coming out as the 2nd entrant, meaning that they would start off the rumble match. After several minutes battling each other, Vegeta wound up eliminating and taunting his son Trunks.

On August 11th 2013, Trunks and Vegeta would meet once more in the match. This times, Trunks returned the favour by eliminating Vegeta from the Rumble match.


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