Vegeta & Sephiroth
Members: Vegeta


Origins Dragon Ball Z (Vegeta)

Final Fantasy VII (Sephiroth)

Debut: May 9, 2013
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: Vegeta - Final Flash (Inverted electric chair dropped into a 360° jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick)

Sephiroth - One Man Band (Release powerbomb, with theatrics)

Vegeta & Sephiroth was a tag team consisting of the eponymous Vegeta, who is a multiple time Hardcore Champion and former Tag Team Champion, and Sephiroth, who is a former Tag Team and Internet Champion. The duo has only ever appeared in a single match, resulting in a losing effort.

Despite the fact that Vegeta and Sephiroth are both active members of the M4G-Nation roster. It's likely that the two have disbanded, since Vegeta has proceeded to become a one time Tag Team Champion with MegaMan as the notorious Blues Brothers.


Sephiroth and Vegeta made their debut together on May 9, 2013 against The Supremacy. In spite of a tremendous effort, they were unable to reign supreme over Buu and Bojack after Buu planted Vegeta's head into the mat via DDT. The team disbanded not long after. Afterwards, Vegeta formed a tag team with MegaMan entitled 'The Blues Brothers' who are former Tag Team Champions, while Sephiroth returned to singles competition, participating in the Road to Gold for an opportunity at obtaining additional title gold.


  • Several M4G-Nation fans have suggested names for the team of Vegeta and Sephiroth, including: The Planet Killers, and The Princes of Chaos. While these names may be potential candidates, it has not been confirmed if the tag team has an official name yet.

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