Vegeta as the Hardcore Champion
Origin Dragonball Z
Debut: March 6, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Final Flash (Spin-out fireman's carry), Over 9000 DDT ("Impaler DDT")

Vegeta is a saiyan warrior from the Dragonball Z franchise, who currently competes on the M4G-Nation Blue Roster .

Vegeta is a two-time Hardcore Champion in the M4G-Nation a former tag team champion alongside MegaMan as The Blues Brothers, a former Intergalactic Champion and is the longest active member on the roster, appearing in the 2nd ever video in M4G-Nation history. 


Prince Vegeta was the son of ruler of Planet Vegeta, King Vegeta. As a young prince, Vegeta was sent with Nappa off Planet Vegeta just before it was destroyed. Since then Vegeta travelled around the universe for his own personal gain until joining up with fellow saiyan Goku defeat the tyrant responsible for his planet's demise Frieza. Vegeta then grew up to be one of the planet's strongest defenders. Vegeta still carried an obsession with defeating Goku despite fighting alongside him. He strives to be the best and is willing to fight the best to do so, even if it means allowing opponents to reach power levels far superior to his own.



Vegeta first appeared in the N4G-Nation as a Super Saiyan, defeating Elvis Presley in a ladder match on March 6th 2012. Vegeta was not seen again until he appeared in the first ever M4G-Nation Royal Rumble to crown the first ever Inter-Universal Champion as the number 2 entrant. He lasted 7 minutes until he was eliminated by the tyrant Frieza. He would compete again on May 12th 2012 in a fatal four way elimination match along with Conan O'Brien, Skeeter and Captain Planet. Vegeta eliminated Conan, but got eliminated himself afterwards by Skeeter.

Persuing The Tag Team TitlesEdit

Vegeta would not appear in the M4G-Nation again until August 13th, where he teamed with long time rival and fellow Saiyan Goku to compete in a number one contendership match for the Tag Team Titles against the team of Sephiroth and Optimus Prime. Unfortunately, the Saiyans were defeated. He appeared in the 2nd M4G-Nation Royal Rumble in September as the 29th entrant. He made the final three, but was eliminated by Jesus Christ. He would revive his pursuit for the tag team titles, by teaming with Goku once more to compete in the Tag Team Title Tournament to crown new number one contenders. However, they were eliminated in the first round by Solid Snake and Ezio.

Rise and SuccessEdit

Vegeta would take a 2 month absence, before returning to the M4G-Nation to defeat Iron Man via count out in November. However, Vegeta was no longer a super saiyan and had returned to his normal state before the transformation. Despite only being a normal saiyan, Vegeta would finally start to find success in the M4G-Nation, starting by winning an Armageddon Hell In A Cell match to become the first ever Hardcore Champion in M4G-Nation history. This was Vegeta's first ever title victory in the M4G-Nation. As the first entrant, Vegeta would also rack up points in the 3rd ever M4G-Nation Royal Rumble, not only spending 14 minutes in the match (which was 2nd only to Ezio, who lasted 25 minutes) but he also gained 2 eliminations, one of them being his own son Trunks the other over then Atom-Weight Champion Ash Ketchum . Vegeta would successfully defend the Hardcore Title against Iron Man and Django, before losing it to the Cookie Monster on Feburary 7th 2013, just before a scheduled title defense against Bandit Keith.

Vegeta spent little time without the Hardcore Championship, as he regained the championship in a TLC triple threat match involving Cookie Monster and Space Ghost at Northern Lights, less than a month later. In his second reign as Hardcore Champion, Vegeta was not satisfied with the Hardcore belt. He would compete in a fatal four way match along with Cookie Monster, Marcus Fenix and Captain America for a Galatic title shot at Absolute Zero, but was unsuccessful in winning. However, if Vegeta were to have been pinned in that match, he would have lost the Hardcore Championship to whoever pinned him. Since he never got pinned though, Vegeta retained his championship. However, Vegeta's title reign did come to an end at Absolute Zero, when he was defeated backstage by Dale Earnhardt Jr. after Vegeta was hit by a car in the parking lot.

Life after the Hardcore Championship, Tag Team Championship With Megaman.Edit

Vegeta competed in his 4th Royal Rumble match in the M4G-Nation in April. He lasted 7 minutes eliminating Sephiroth and Bane before being eliminated by Ryu. Vegeta's next match would be vs Cookie Monster and Goku, but goku would be knocked out by Captain Planet. Vegeta would take the chance and take down Cookie in a single's match. Vegeta would then team with Sephiroth to take on Bojack and Buu but was unable to win and would suffer a supermacy beat down. Vegeta would try to win a one on one match vs The Hulk on June 2nd but was unable to pick up the win. Vegeta would get a chance when he was paired with MegaMan at Galactic Throwdown II. They would become known as The Blues Brothers and would be the last team in the gauntlet match. They would win the match becoming Tag Team Champions. Their title reign would not last long as they were defeated by Khal Drago and Posedion.

Vegeta would enter the fifth royal rumble match as a heavy favorite but would get taken out by his own son Trunks for revenge for the third rumble.

Road to GoldEdit

Vegeta would enter the Road To Gold Series. He would fail to win the opening battle royal match won by Ryu. However Vegeta would rebound defeating Deadpool in a one on one match. After Beating Deadpool Vegeta would try to become the number one contender for the M4G-Nation Championship in a triple threat match vs Goku and Bane. Bane would pin Goku but Vegeta would then defeat Yusuke Urameshi to climb into second overall in the Road to Gold series. At the M4Gamania 2 Trouble in Jamaica Vegeta would defeat Kratos in his first round but would fall to Zangief in round 2.

M4G-Nation Blue Edit

Following M4GaMania 2, a roster split took place where wrestlers were split into M4G-Nation Green and M4G-Nation Blue. Vegeta was drafted in M4G-Nation Blue. But just prior to that, Vegeta took part in his first ever Money In The Bank ladder match for a world title match whenever the winner sees fit. However, Vegeta came up short as Captain America won the briefcase for a 2nd time. Upon arrival to M4G-Nation Blue, Vegeta defeated fellow former Road For Gold series participants Jason Voorhees, Ironman and Leonidas in a fatal four way match to earn a Galactic Championship match against Captain Pollution. Pollution had renamed the title to the Pollution Championship since winning it back at M4GaMania 2.

Feud With Captain PollutionEdit

Vegeta took on Captain Pollution at Space Jam which ended in an early count out when Pollution walked out on the match. The new Blue General Manager Magneto restarted the match as a No Disqualification match and renamed the Pollution Championship the Inter-Galactic Championship. Vegeta went on to win the match to win the belt for the first time. A best of 7 series between Pollution and Vegeta would take place with the winner becoming the undisputed Inter-Galactic Championship. The series was 2-2 heading into Supernova II where all of the remaining 3 matches would take place. Game 5, the hardcore match, was won by Pollution. However, things were all square when Vegeta won game 6... The Hell In A Cell. In the final game, which was a ladder match, Vegeta emerged victorious to finally end his feud with Pollution.

Inter-Galactic ChampionshipEdit

Vegeta would be apart of the 7 on 7 elimination bragging rights match between M4G-Nation Green and M4G-Nation Blue representing Team Blue. Vegeta would help lead his team to victory as he was one of the remaining survivors along with Ash Ketchum and Loki. Vegeta is set to defend the Inter-Galactic Cahmpionship against Dante at Northern Lights 2. After a brutal match between the two, Vegeta emerged victorious after delivering a Final Flash to Dante. The next day Vegeta decided to have an open challenge to his Intergalactic Championship. Sub-Zero first answered the call but was blindsided by Cookie Monster, then Loki came out to challege Vegeta. In the end it would be Vegeta who would win the match against the fatigued Loki. Vegeta would defeated Dante in a rematch again at Vernal Eqninox 2. On the next Blue he would offer another title shot and would lose the championship gold to Ash Ketchum. Vegeta and Ash would eventually get a rematch for the Intergalactic Championship at Sonic Boon 2 with Vegeta successfully winning.

Entrance ThemeEdit


Vegeta's theme03:31

Vegeta's theme

With MegaMan

Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock03:20

Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock


  • When he appeared on WWE 12, Vegeta appeared in his Super Saiyan form. In WWE 13 however, Vegeta reverted back to his original state before the transformation into a Super Saiyan. While Vegeta lost his Super Saiyan form in WWE 13, his former partner and fellow Saiyan Goku has retained his Super Saiyan form in the game.
  • Vegeta is one of few wrestlers in the M4G-Nation to have competed in all 5 M4G-Nation Royal Rumbles (excluding the Halloween Royal Rumble).
  • Vegeta is the first person to hold the Hardcore Championship, and is also the first person to hold the belt twice. Ironically, while both of Vegeta's hardcore title victories have took place in legitmate scheduled matches, both of his title losses happened by getting jumped backstage.
  • Vegeta is the 2nd Dragonball Z character to have competed in the M4G-Nation, with Android 17 being the first.
  • 3 members of Vegeta's family have won championships in the M4G-Nation. Vegeta himself as won the Hardcore Championship twice, his wife Bulma has won the Harlots Championship twice and his son Trunks has won the Atom-Weight Championship. Tien, Bojack, Buu and Goku are the only other Dragonball Z characters to have held championships in the M4G-Nation, winning the Atom-Weight, Tag Team and Inter-Universal titles respectively, with Buu and Bojack holding the tag titles together.
  • Vegeta debuted on the second episode of the M4G-Nation and has never left the roster making him the longest running active member of the roster.
  • Vegeta moves like real life WWE superstar Edge.
  • A "Prince Of All Saiyans" Championship has often been jokenly teased by the M4G-Nation commentators that would act similarly to the Million Dollar Championship "defended" by real life pro wrestler Ted DiBiase and his son Ted DiBiase Jr. It would not be an official championship, but they jokingly stated that Vegeta would only defend it against fellow saiyans.
  • Vegeta dresses up in a suit while making his entrance down the ring for singles competition, to maintain his Blues Brothers gimmick.
  • Vegeta is 9-11 not counting rumble matches.


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