A few of us have speculated about an impending Royal Rumble and it's just been announced on the M4G-Nation Facebook page that there will in fact be a Royal Rumble coming up this week I think with the winner moving on to Solar Eclipse II to fight the M4G-Nation Champion who at the moment is Jack-6.

The question is... who will be the one?

This match will probably be computer-generated since the last two were so you can't tell for sure who's going to win but it doesn't mean you can't shot in a prediction. When it comes to the Royal Rumble, it's all about the numbers....

4 - There have been four royal rumble matches before in the M4G-Nation (excluding the TMNXT and Halloween Royal Rumbles). Four is also the number of wrestlers to have appeared in every Royal Rumble, with Ash Ketchum, Sub-Zero, Vegeta and Captain Pollution appearing in everyone.

30 - In the first 2 Royal Rumbles, there were 30 competitors in the Royal Rumble matches

40 -However in the third Royal Rumble, the number of participants went up to 40 and has remained at 40 every since.

87 - There have been 87 different men that have competed in a Royal Rumble match... only to be eliminated.

7 - The amount of M4G-Nation Hall Of Famers that have been entered the Royal Rumble match.

6 - This is the amount of the people that made their M4G-Nation wrestling debuts in the Royal Rumble. Two of these debutants when on to win the Royal Rumble match itself. Darth Vader (who won it in the one after his first one) and M4G-Nation Commentator Packard.

3 - In the third match on December 22nd 2012, 3 of the M4G-Nation commentators appeared in that very Royal Rumble match. Trevor lasted over 10 minutes, Pat James Regan as "Blackwing" was number 40, but it was Packard who had the last laugh and won the match itself making him the only commentator to do so. The only commentator who hasn't appeared in the Royal Rumble yet is M4GNITUDE. For all we know he could be an entrant this year.

9 - This is the record number of eliminations in a single Royal Rumble by the Italian stallion Ezio in the third Royal Rumble.

25:37 - The amount of time Ezio would last in that Royal Rumble, making him the man who's spent the longest amount of time in a single Royal Rumble match.

13 - The number 13 is unlucky for some which Ash Ketchum can vouch for as he would last just 13 seconds in the 4th Royal Rumble match, when he was eliminated by Myotismon. This makes Ash the man who's spent the SHORTEST amount of time in a single Royal Rumble match

#1 and #2 - Vegeta has started off the Royal Rumble more times than anyone else in Rumble history. He started off as the 2nd entrant in the first Royal Rumble and the 1st entrant in the third Royal Rumble.

7.5% - The winners of the last four matches have all come out in the last 7.5% of superstars left to enter, meaning the luck of the draw is crucial to winning this match.

0 - Being the last entrant in the match offers a big advantage to the man who was lucky enough to draw it. Despite this, not one man has been able to win it after coming out last. So this year, whoever comes out last might not be so lucky. This is also the amount of wrestlers that have won the royal rumble more than once. No man has ever won the Rumble more than once, but can this one provide the first ever two-time winner.

50% - 50% of the winners have went on to win the world title. And that is perhaps the biggest statistic of them all.

They are the all important numbers, but here are a couple of things to consider.

  • No reigning Glactic Champion has ever appeared in a Royal Rumble match during their reign. During their reigns, Master Chief missed the 1st Royal Rumble, Jack-6 missed the 2nd and 3rd rumble matches and Jason Voorhees missed the 4th Royal Rumble. While current champion Captain Pollution may suffer the same ommission, it's important to note he's appeared in every Royal Rumble match up until this point.
  • Ash Ketchum has appeared in every Royal Rumble up until this point too. He's been gone for a month but will this Royal Rumble be the stage of his comeback or is he not ready for his return?
  • Jason Voorhees has been highly-rumoured to be going up against Jack-6 for the M4G-Nation title. He's already won the Halloween Royal Rumble so that could be an omen for things to come in this one.
  • There are 8 Buu Supremacy members, including Packard, that could be possible entrants in the Royal Rumble. That's nearly a quarter of the field.
  • And finally, in 3 appearances of the Royal Rumble, Jesus has been in the final seven of everyone. This included a runner up position in the 2nd one and a thrid position in the 4th. Will this year be his year?

So taking everything into account, WHO could be the one to go up against Jack-6 at Solar Eclipse II? State your predictions in the comments section. I'm going to announce my pick right now. My pick to win is....


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Vegeta's theme

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