M4G-Nation it's been a while since TMNXT has graced us but there's a lot for us to look forward too. The next TMNXT Royal Rumble and a tag team gauntlet for a shot at the tag titles. In the mean time, lets have a read into the dirtsheets and the backstage scoop into life at the Icebergs.

Scott Steiner - Steiner has definetly been the most boastful of the Icebergs as of late which is really upsetting the rest of the team. He defeated the Demon Chicken and ended his undefeated streak. Ever since I endorsed him on Facebook and the wiki, he constantly shouts "MY FREAKS AND PEAKS BROKE THE STREAK!" However, the one person who doesn't seem to mind his bragging is Johnny Bravo who's bonded with Steiner over their similar interests in picking up chicks and being blonde. Steiner has reportedly being highly tipped for the future, especially for the tag team gauntlett.

Johnny Bravo - Bravo has shown signs of home-sicknesses ever since leaving the Fort Wayne Mad Ants for the Icebergs. Bravo seems disgrunlted and out of place in the team, especially when he found out that he was only signed just to annoy M4GNitude. However, Bravo has found at least one good friend in "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner. With similar interests, the two have been discussing forming a team to go for the gauntlet but officials are reportedly unsure whether this team will be successful.

Crash Bandicoot - Crash has been the most pissed-off member of the team as of late, specifically at Bowser for screwing him out of the ladder match in the last episode. Just as Crash was about to win, Bowser knocked him off the ladder into another ladder. Crash has demanded a match with Bowser, but officials are refusing to grant him one and stated that Crash may be able to get his hands on Bowser in the Royal Rumble. 

Bowser - Bowser is in a bit of hot water over screwing Crash in the last episode. Some officials are annoyed by Bowser acting selfish when he should have let Crash win. However, some respect Bowser more for his high ambitions and being willing to do anything to reach them. Bowser is also reportedly upset with Scott Steiner after Scott keeps calling him a fat ass and offering him donuts. Bowser is hoping to get his hands on Scott at the Royal Rumble, but may have to deal with an upset Crash as well.

Deathstroke - Deathstroke has been very quiet, reportedly annoyed with himself over his performance in his eliminator 2 episodes ago. Deathstroke, attempting to prove himself, has been training hard to win the Rumble and is refusing to participate in the tag team gauntlet. This has upset many and the pressure is on Deathstroke to perform in the Rumble with the likes of the recently released Christopher Daniels reportedly waiting in the wings.

Walter White - Walter's incredible endurance has given Walt quite a bit of confidence going forward, despite not winning his eliminator. Walter believes this abillity will help him greatly in the Rumble, but has reportedly been in discussion with Deathstroke over some kind of arrangement. While Slade doesn't seem to be interested, Walt will not take no for an answer.

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