Predictions for the first round of the TMNXT Tournament.

(WARNING: May show a little bit of bias towards the Icebergs due to me being their leader. Also on a side-note, it sucks that the Icebergs and The Little Cruise That Could are head to head 3 TIMES in this tournament. Don't want to be going up against Packard. :()

Gohan/Burger King - A little torn between these two. Gohan is someone that I personally drafted to the Icebergs and I really want him to shine in TMNXT. On the other hand, I've been a big Burger King fan since day one. However, I've got faith that my boy Gohan is going to overcome this veternan. Sorry Packard, but the Icebergs are sinking your cruise again.

Cyclops/Jack Skellington - Cyclops

Waldo/M. Bison - M. Bison purely because I've been such a big fan of M. Bison for years. Easily one of my favourite villians ever. I hope he decimates Waldo with all due respect.

Joey Ryan/Blade - Blade has never really amassed to much in the M4G-Nation and TMNXT, and I don't think he'll pick up up the win against Joseph Ryan.

Woody/Leonardo - Woody. Leonardo ain't got jack on this cowboy

Nightcrawler/Iron Patriot - A little Marvel on Marvel action here. However, I do believe the Iron Patriot is the favourite and will beat Trevor's Nightcrawler. Of course, with Trevor's shenagagins, you can't rule any of his guys out in matches. XD I'm still going with the Iron Patriot

Johnny Bravo/Reptile - Johnny Bravo. The ninja that I nearly drafted to the Icebergs is going to have his hands full with veternan Johnny Bravo with a good record all ready.

Charmander/Spawn - Hate to root against Charmander the little guy, but I've got to believe that Spawn is going to whoop his ass. Spawn wins.

Riddler/William Wallace - If Riddler loses, I will be having serious doubts over his worth to the Icebergs despite being our champion before. If he loses to William Wallce, I won't be happy. I got confidence though, so Riddler wins.

Darkwing Duck/Thor - Tricky one, because Darkwing Duck has been on a little bit of form since arriving. Then again, he's against a GOD. I sense an upset in this one though. And I think Trevor's going to get upset too! XD Darkwing Duck wins.

Man In The Yellow Hat/Popeye - Dream match right here! XD I've got to give it to the Man In The Yellow Hat, because Popeye has really been underperforming since he came in.

Shredder/Dragon Dragon - Really wanna say Dragon Dragon, but he's up against Shredder, who was so dominant in his debut. I'm giving it to Shredder

James Bond/Green Ranger - James Bond. You need to perform bro. One Royal Rumble win doesn't justify your right to be here. You've got to prove to me that you're worth a damn. I don't think Green Ranger will be much of a challenge like bro.

Lil Chris Jericho/Kick-Ass - Kick-Ass. A former tag team champion who can kick ass. What else is there to say?

Nappa/Blake Griffin - Nappa... easily. Sorry Blake, but Nappa's the patty-cake champion. ;)

Hellboy/Mario - Hellboy. Sorry Mario and Packard, but you ain't getting past Hellboy.

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