Haven't wrote a thing on the blog yet so I've decided to write one coming up with random potential storylines I'd like to see happen in the M4G-Nation. So here's my first one:

Father and Son Vegeta and Trunks have been down on their luck recently. However Trunks has decided to refocus and is back in the frame and in the Atom-Weight Champion title hunt. Vegeta has not had a lot of luck himself either. Despite being in the top 10 of the rankings, he's lost a lot of matches as of late. So Vegeta decides enough is enough and decides to refocus. He decides that him and his new partner Sephiroth should enter the tag team title match at Galactic Throwdown II. However, in a qualifying match before the PPV Vegeta turns on Sephiroth costing them the match. Vegeta then enters himself into the Galactic Championship number one contender Hell In A Cell coming up, and wins it to get a shot at Master Chief at Galactic Throwdown. So both Vegeta and Trunks are in championship matches at the PPV. Both of them win.

On the next state of the M4G-Nation, Trunks comes out to celebrate his victory. However, Vegeta interupts his son's promo and says the Atom-Weight title means nothing here. He says Trunks should not lower himself to that championship and focus on bigger things. Trunks then challenges Vegeta to a match for his title, but Vegeta refuses to give him a shot. Sephiroth feuds with Vegeta for the Galactic Title while Trunks feuds with someone as Atom-Weight Champion. Vegeta retains his championship at Solar Eclipse but Trunks loses his belt. On the State Of The M4G-Nation after that, Vegeta insults his son and tries to vacate the championship, targetting the M4G-Nation title. However, Trunks stops him, questions Vegeta's honour to just give up a championship and dares him to put it on the line against him. Vegeta does and loses the title to Trunks.

However, Vegeta would earns a title shot at the champion and capture the gold soon after. Then a Royal Rumble is announced with the winner facing the M4G-Nation champion at M4GaMania. Trunks wins the match and earns a shot against his father. Trunks and Vegeta agree to put both titles on the line in the ultimate father vs son showdown. And to cause some controversey, perhaps get Bulma involved as the special ref.

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