Aliens that survived the explosions of their home planets to become the strongest superheroes in ficitional history. Despite never officially meeting, their rivalry is legendary. And even through arguments on the Internet and even a DEATH BATTLE! to "settle the score", the feud still rages on about who'd kick whose ass in a fight. And it's about time for the M4G-Nation to have these legends duke it out. The leaders of the Z Fighters and the Justice League. The Super Saiyan from the Dragonball Z Series Goku and the Man Of Steel from DC Comics Superman. 

How would this battle of epic proportions be set up? Superman is currently not an active member of the M4G-Nation roster and Goku already has business with the Buu Crew that he needs to settle. So how do we get them on course for war?

At the moment, it seems that Goku is going to feud with Captain Pollution for the Galactic Title following the aftermath of Singularity. This would likely lead to a match for the belt at Solar Eclipse II. In the build up, Goku would joke about Pollution not being a worthy challenge to him and that he should be fighting the very best. Then comes Solar Eclipse...

Goku and Captain Pollution have their match and it's ALL Goku from the get go. It seems that Goku is gonna win the title. Then the lights go out. And when they come on again... Pollution is on top of Goku and gets the pin. Pollution retains. This ending would be similar to how Ash Ketchum lost to Tien at Northern Lights.

So in the "State Of The M4G-Nation" videos, Goku keeps calling out whoever attacked him at Solar Eclipse. I'm assuming that they'll be a PPV before M4GaMania 2. So in the build up to that PPV, Goku is involved in a number one contendership fatal four way match for the Galactic title against 3 other guys. However, he is seen in the back KO'd again. Goku appears at the to-be-named PPV and calls out the attacker one last time. The guy that comes out is Superman. Superman cuts a promo saying that he agreed that Goku should be fighting the very best there is. And Superman says that the two best must fight at M4GaMania to settle the feud. He proposes Goku vs Superman at M4GaMania 2, which Goku accepts.

Now there are a few issues with this storyline, I'll admit...

1) Mystery Attackers have been done a few times in the M4G-Nation before and it might feel a little repetitive to see it happen again.

2) Non-title matches normally don't happen at PPVs and I'm not sure whether the M4G-Nation would want a non-title match at PPV and they might just want it to happen on a regiular video. After all, they'd get a lot more views if Goku vs Superman was on a seperate video and not on a PPV.

3) The amount of fanboys flooding the comments sections with Goku vs Superman arguments would kill some of the fun of the M4G-Nation.

However, this match is a match I really want to happen some day in the M4G-Nation. I'm surprised they haven't done it or barely discussed it before. Yeah, I remember one video where PJR asked who was stronger between Goku and Superman, but a match would be huge.

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