Tom Robinson here with a blog post.

I just wanted to say a couple of things to the writers on the wiki. To those that have been here since the get-go (like KookyKaptainKrunch and Captain97G) and newcomers like Aridia and iambes.... the Buu crew guy who's name I can't remember but has done a crap load of wiki work in the last couple of weeks (really not trying to be rude. honestly XD).

First of all, great work on the wiki. This has only been active since like April I think and it's already seen hundreds of pages uploaded and a major increase in guys joining up looking to make a difference. However, don't feel that you have to do a crap load of work every day on here. Only do work when you can and when you're in a stress-free time. You don't want to get the M4G-Nation or this wiki get in the way of this thing we call "real life". And I'm pretty sure that's not what M4GNITUDE, Packard and the commentators intended. This wiki is all about collabaration. Working together on pages. Working at your own pace. If you start a page that you don't have time to finish, someone else will. And you certaintly don't want to wear yourself out working on a wiki. Priorities first. But still, great work with the wiki guys. I'm pretty sure we're not far from having a page EVERY wrestler that's ever appeared in the M4G-Nation. That's impressive. :)

Also thanks to the M4G-Nation itself. During the match between Cammy and Hit Girl, the commentators nicely plugged my Twitter account as well as my blog called the "Armbar Express" and it helps out a lot. I remember they put a link to the Armbar Express on the M4G-Nation Facebook page and the views on the blog recieved a huge boost. It helps out a lot and I wanted to say thank you to them. Speaking of which...

Please read the Armbar Express blog at this link and like it's Twitter account here and it's Facebook page here Also if you want to talk to me about the M4G-Nation, wiki or just wrestling in general, you can follow me on Twitter @TomRobinson5199 and I'll follow back.

That's me. The English Man himself, Tom Robinson. And it's been great working with you guys!

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