Previously on the M4G-Nation's TMNXT...

Scott Steiner and Johnny Bravo were chosen to represent the Icebergs in the TMNXT Tag Title gauntlet as the Johnnywood Blondes. They were not only able to knock off the reigning tag champions, they were able to defeat the Trevolution and Purple Rain to rise to the top of the Tag team division and bring gold to the Icebergs. The two now enter the 2nd TMNXT Royal Rumble alongside the rest of the Icebergs? Who will etch their names in TMNXT history? Who will be the one?

Can the conqueror of the Demon Chicken's undefeated streak Scott Steiner build on his recent success?

Can Johnny Bravo add to his tag title victory with a Royal Rumble win?

Can Crash Bandicoot get another chance at glory after being screwed before by Bowser?

Can Bowser prove himself to be the Iceberg's top dog?

Can Walter White be the one who knocks and wins the Royal Rumble?

Or will Deathstroke prove his worth to the Icebergs team?

This was an important match for these six to impress in as the first TMNXT Transfer Window approached? How did they fare?

This will be how the scoring works for the Royal Rumble.

  • You will get points for every minute you were in the match.
  • You get 3 points for every elimination.
  • The man that lasted the longest out of the team gets 10 points
  • The man that lasted the least amount of time gets -10 points

Bowser (#2)

The luck of the draw wasn't on Bowser's side. But that still doesn't justify being the first man eliminated! -.- Nevertheless he lasted...

3 minutes 22 seconds

So he gets...  3 POINTS because he didn't get any eliminations.

Scott Steiner (#7)

No real pressure to perform for Steiner. After all, he conquered the Demon Chicken's streak. He's one half of the TMNXT Tag Titles. But yet he still ressumed asskicking duties by getting THREE eliminations! Steiner was not fucking around in this rumble. Also he was able to last.....

9 minutes and 37 seconds!

I think that was the second longest behind Tony The Tiger. So great for Steiner! 9 points for 3 eliminations and 9 points for 9 minutes of action. So Steiner gets a whopper... 18 POINTS!

Crash Bandicoot (#10) 

Crash was also a victim of an early draw and held his own throughout his time in the Rumble... but WHY did he have to go after Scott Steiner straight away? He's on your team! -.- No eliminations but he did last...

5 minutes and 55 seconds! Longer than Bowser!

That means he walks away with 5 points!

Deathstroke (#12)

The Stroke was the one on thin ice in my team and to be honest... he did nothing! He eliminated no-one and was getting the shit kicked out of during the match. However he did last a LONG time in the match. He lasted...

8 minutes and 16 seconds!

So he was only in a minute less than Scott Steiner. So 8 points well deserved in that respect but he's still on thin ice...

Johnny Bravo (#17)

God damn it Johnny Bravo....

1 minute 29 seconds

You couldn't even last 2 minutes bro? He gets one point for such a shitty appearance. He's really only part of the team as part of the Johnnywood Blondes. I might do a Trevor and just get rid of him if they lose the belt. This was shocking. 

So as you can probably tell up until this point, not exactly the luck of the draw. It was all down to Walter White to win us the Rumble....

Walter White (#32)

So with the weight of the team on his shoulders, could he pull of the crucial victory for the Icebergs?


He lasted 2 minutes and 43 seconds.

You know I complained about Deathstroke not doing anything but this just takes the cake...

A big fat two points....

So for the bonus awards. Steiner lasted the longest and gets 10 points ON TOP of his 18 points won earlier making it 28 points for Big Poppa Pump! Ironically it's his partner Johnny Bravo that lasted the shortest amount of time. So he gets the -10 penalty, giving him -9 points!

# Name Played Won Lost Star Ratings Elimination Match Eliminations Royal Rumble Eliminations Gauntlet Wins
1 Scott Steiner (TMNXT Tag Team Champion) 7 4 3 59 0 3 3
2 Johnny Bravo (TMNXT Tag Team Champion) 5 3 2 24 0 0 3
3 Crash Bandicoot 3 1 2 13 3 0 0
4 Bowser 3 1 2 10.5 2 0 0
5 Deathstroke 2 0 2 9 0 0 0
6 Walter White  2 0 2 5.75 1 0 0

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