Previously on the M4G-Nation's TMNXT...

Both Crash Bandicoot and Bowser fought for the TMNXT Title shot in a six man ladder match. Both men put in great performances. However just as Crash was about to win the title shot, Bowser knocked him off the ladder into another ladder choosing himself over the team. Meanwhile while Scott Steiner lost the ever-embarrassing punishment match, he made up for it big time with a dominating display over the previously undefeated Demon Chicken. After conquering his streak, what is left for Big Poppa Pump to conquer? Which two team-mates were selected for the TMNXT Tag Title gauntlet? And to whoever gets picked.... do they stand a chance in winning the TMNXT Tag Team Titles?

So the two men that were picked for the TMNXT Tag Title gauntlet were....

Johnny Bravo... and the conqueror of the Demon Chicken's undefeated streak! The freaks and peaks that broke the streak! SCCCCOOOOOTTT STTEEINNER!

The Johnnywood Blondes!

Match #1 vs Burger King and Woody - Got to admit, a little dismayed by the team getting their ASSES HANDED to them by the BK Value Meal. Bear in mind they were fighting the tag team champions. But somehow, the Johnnywood Blondes found a way to upset the champions and become the interm champions. Scrappy performance but still got the job done.

3 STARS.... each.

Match #2 vs Smoke and Black Ranger - A better performance against Trevolution and their amazing entrance! Smoke and Black Ranger were a great team on paper but no match for the Johnnywood Blondes as they were able to make it two wins on the bounce!

4 STARS... each.

Match #3 vs Wario and Waluigi - FLAT OUT DOMINATION! Purple Pain stood little chance against the might of Steiner and Bravo who made quick work out of the pair to become the permanent champions after three grueling matches


And also....

20 STARS EACH for winning the tag titles! Bringing home gold for the Icebergs!

So the pressure is ON for the rest of the team. If Steiner and Bravo can bring home the gold, so can the rest of the team as the Royal Rumble approaches! GO ICEBERGS!

# Name Played Won Lost Star Ratings Elimination Match Eliminations Gauntlet Wins
1 Johnny Bravo (TMNXT Tag Team Champion) 4 3 1 33 0 3
2 Scott Steiner (TMNXT Tag Team Champion) 6 4 2 31 0 3
3 Crash Bandicoot 2 1 1 8 3 0
4 Bowser 2 1 1 7.5 2 0
5 Walter White 1 0 1 3.75 1 0
6 Deathstroke 1 0 1 1 0 0

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