Previously on the M4G-Nation's TMNXT....

Bowser and Crash Bandicoot both won eliminators to qualify for the TMNXT Title Number One Contendership matches, while Deathstroke, Johnny Bravo and Walter White all fell short. However, the biggest disgrace to the Icebergs team was in fact Scott Steiner who was eliminated first in his qualifier. Having submitted straight away, could Steiner redeem himself in the punishment match? And if he is eliminated first... will he be able to survive the wrath of the Demon Chicken? And finally... will Crash or Bowser be able to earn the chance to compete for the TMNXT Championship against former Iceberg Piccolo? Lets get going....

Here we go...

Scott Steiner - Last time Scott was in an elimination six man match, he was eliminated first. And unforuntatley.... it was deja vu. Scott was eliminated by the Black Ranger first and unfortunatley... he had to fight the Demon Chicken!

Now the Demon Chicken has been a force to be reckoned since Trevor first brought him to the league. He had been responsible for the destruction of the Pikachu and the death of Ronald McDonald. And consider the performance Steiner put in, in the first match - this was a real kick up the arse. And that's when it hit Big Poppa Pump... he needed to get his act together.

And for the first time in his M4G-Nation, it was the Demon Chicken that was being destroyed by Steiner. Despite bringing in all kinds of weapons into the dance, the Chicken was no match for Steiner. Steiner eventually made the chicken submit to the Steiner Recliner to pick up his first win in TMNXT... and END THE DEMON CHICKEN'S UNDEFEATED STREAK!

Defeating the Demon Chicken is an incredible feat for Big Poppa Pump. However, I have to take in account his pathetic run in the opening punishment in the first place. Since he was able to redeem himself with the Demon Chicken victory his -5 rating form the punishment match to the 5 star rating in the second balances out to give him a...


Crash Bandicoot - Crash proved himself to be a formibable force in the number one contendership match. Crash never got the job bone but put on a decent display. Crash would have probably won the match if Bowser had not pushed him off the ladder when he was about to win... Crash gets from this match...


Bowser - Bowser was in the business for himself unfortunatley for Crash. While I respect him for his motives that doesn't excuse him shoving Crash off a ladder into another ladder when Crash was about to win! -.- You could have done it to anyone else in that match but why Crash? -.- Nevertheless, Bowser was dominant in this match. So I think I'll give him the same rating as Crash....


# Name Played Won Lost Star Ratings Eliminations
1 Crash Bandicoot 2 1 1 8 3
2 Bowser 2 1 1 7.5 2
3 Walter White 1 0 1 3.75 1
4 Deathstroke 1 0 1 1 0
5 Johnny Bravo 1 0 1 1 0
6 Scott Steiner 3 1 2 -1 0

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