The Solar Eclipse 2 main event result has had a lot of reprecussions that has shook the M4G-Nation World. Because 2 important things have happened because of it:

  • The Buu Supremacy is no more
  • And we have a VACATED M4G-Nation Championship

Now... with the title picture mostly been dominated by Jack-6 and the Buu Supremacy since the M4G-Nation started, it's a fresh change. But now the M4G-Nation has a new dilemna - what are they going to do with the M4G-Nation title? How are they going to decide the next world champion? We've got plenty of options to consider so I'm going to get right into it. Let's look at the options:

Royal Rumble

40 guys battling for the right to be champion. I mean... who doesn't like a good Royal Rumble? And the Rumble match crowned the first ever Inter-Universal Champion, Yusuke Urameshi. But there are a couple of problems with doing this now...

  1. We've just had a rumble a month ago, and it would feel overdone if we had another one.
  2. With so many entrants, just about anyone could win it and be called champion. For all we know, The Red Ranger might end up winning it or something. It's a risky way to crown a champion as someone that's not really championship-material could be walking out champion.


The good old tournament. A great way to decide a champion. A great way to divide the weak from the strong. The ultimate way to determine the best and like the Rumble, the champion is not determined by luck. Again though, there's a problem with this method...

  1. We just had an Atom-Weight Title Tournament and another would feel overdone.
  2. We've techincally already got a tournament going with the "Road To Gold" Series. Speaking of which....

Road To Gold Series

As it stands right now, the Road To Gold series winner whoever that'll be (Vegeta) will get a shot at the M4G-Nation title in the future. But why not change it so the winner of the Road To Gold series (Vegeta) wins the title outright. Again, it's a good way to determine the best from the worst and a true champion will be crowned. However, with the series expected to last a couple of months, we've got a while to wait before a champion is even crowned in the M4G-Nation. And with several PPVs coming up, we wouldn't have a title match to showcase.

Award The Championship To Someone

Hey, some great champions have been made after giving them the title this way. It's like a passing of the torch. Remember Triple H from 2002. Unpopular as it was, HHH justified his claim to be champion. And there are worthy title holders out there (Vegeta). But that's the problem. If the M4G-Nation went to Goku or someone and said "Hey. You're The Champion Now." fans would be upset. It should really be decided in the ring

Facebook Vote

While this can give a fans a say over who they feel to be champion, I really hope this isn't how it's decided. We could have some really absurd results. Skeeter Valentine may end up being the champion considering his popularity. I'm just throwing this option out there. XD

Upgrading A Champion

The M4G-Nation could have someone vacate their old championship and replace it with the M4G-Nation title. For example they could go to Captain Pollution and have him drop the Galactic Championship and give him the M4G-Nationt title. Or they could just make the Galactic Championship the new main title. However, these champions are still mid-card champions. That doesn't really mean that they're main-eventers or should be main eventers. Especially not Captain Pollution. -.-

Champion Of Champions Match

We have 6 current male champions right now. The Galactic Champion Captain Pollution, The Atom-Weight Champion Tien Shinhan, The Tag Champions Khal Drogo and Posedion, The Hardcore Champion Captain Falcon and the Internet Champion Zangief (assuming he is still the Internet Champion). Have them 6 get involved in the match of something. The winner would have the right to be called the Champion Of Champions and would win the M4G-Nation Championship. But again, none of the current champions are exactly main event material right now are they? Imagine Khal Drogo winning the M4G-Nation title.

The Elimination Chamber

We haven't had one in a while and it has crowned new champions before in WWE. The Chamber could be a great way to decide the champion.

I'd go with the Elimination Chamber because it's never been used for the M4G-Nation title before and I'd like to see the Chamber match return. It'd be rather awesome. How do you guys think the champion should be crowned?

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