Yeah. Decided to get a collection of epic quotes from the M4G-Nation commentary team, because there have been some good 'uns over the videos. I wanted to get a couple together and it's just a small start, but I do want to make this like a running thing. Like add a couple of great quotes from old episodes through time. So if there are quotes you can remember thatt you want included just post it in the comments and I'll get it put on here. Just a little expirement that I fancy doing.

Packard: "Intimidation Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law!"

TMNXT Episode #2, July 26th 2013

Packard: "Two For One Sale On Dead Bitches!"

Pat James Regan:"Where Can I Get That Deal?"

Sonic Boom, May 26th 2013 (After Witnessing Yusuke Urameshi and Boba Fett being taken out by the Buu Crew)

Pacakrd: "Oh, come on! You can't even beat Waldo? You're telling me out of all the clowns in the pod is going to be this piece of shit? I hate your stupid books! I hate your stupid look! I hate the fact that you're a person in the D-League. I'm going to punch in your stupid Harry-Potter-Wannabe glasses, you piece of shit! If I could drop the F-Bomb, I'd do it right now!"

Trevor: "You can drop the F-bomb."

Pacakrd: "No. The Other F-Bomb! The Bad One! (Waldo continues to dance) Stop Dancing! If Trevor didn't spend so much money on his laptop, I'd throw my phone at the screen so I don't have to look at your stupid face! It's the summer time! Put on a shirt and not the...  STOP! What are you doing? I hate you. More reasons why I hate the D-League. One - my team sucks. Two - Waldo. Three - Waldo's stupid face. Four - Wal... get off the ring! Why are you wearing a winter hat? It's September. It was 100 degress yesterday! A 100! And you're wearing a stupid hat in the stupid town. God damn it, if you lose... If you eliminate Popeye, I swear to god! I swear! I will go to church just to swear at god for this bullshit!"

TMNXT Episode #8, September 14th 2013 (After finding out Waldo would be in an elimination chamber pod instead of Popeye)

Trevor: "Take that you slut wagon!"

Taylor Swift vs Bulma vs Silk Spectre, June 19th 2013

M4GNITUDE: "M4G-Nation. We have quite the surprise for you today!"

Packard: "WOOOOO!"

Trevor: "WOOO HOOOO!"

Pat James Regan: "......yeah"

Third Ever Royal Rumble Match, December 22nd 2012

Pat James Regan: "In the history of the world, there's only person that could take on The Hulk and be fine and that's Stone Cold Steve Austin!"

Third Ever Royal Rumble Match, December 22nd 2012

Trevor: "John Cena! What are you doing here?"

Third Ever Royal Rumble Match, December 22nd 2012 (Refering to Superman)

Packard: "The Flash can suck a bag of dicks."

M4GNITUDE: "And he can really fast."

Avengers vs Justice League, January 11th 2013

Packard: "What's like The Flash arch enemy? A fucking speed bump?"

Avengers vs Justice League, January 11th 2013

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