Hello everyone, I'll keep a brief list here as what I believe are the top 5 wrestlers that are underrated and underused in the M4G-Nation, keep in mind that some wrestlers shown here may or may not have been released from the roster. So without further ado, introducing the quintet in order of least to most:


Blue Ranger:

As the wrestler predicted to be the champion of the Atom-Weight tournament by the fans, Blue Ranger and the M4G-Nation were taken aback by his loss to Tony Hawk in the first round. In the months following this upset, and despite nearly winning the tag-team championship at the finals of the subsequent tag team tournament, the blue-clad suit wielding ranger has yet to make any semblance of showing up. If he is still within the M4G-Nation's ranks, then he could very well be the one to introduce the Atom-Weight Championship to new blood alongside Darth Maul. Sure, Ash Ketchum was a feared, revered, and great wrestler, but his constant victories made the division seem rather stale. With the dawn of the sith lord himself earning title gold, this era may spawn a new day chock full of vibrant, acrobatic, and overall entertaining atom-weight superstars, with Blue Ranger being among those ranks.



A powerhouse of a being, it isn't difficult for people to foresee The Hulk himself carrying Galactic Title gold. Sure, he had a single run at the Extra-Solar Title way back in the early eras, but following that loss, we never saw much of The Hulk(ster) ever again, besides a few sporadic appearances. I believe that the Hulk carries a plethora of untapped potential as a heavyweight, inbetweener type of ruthless being apparent before in M4G-Nation history by the likes of Bane, and that his hulking up has merely begun.



Following the dissolution of Team Old School, Brock mentioned that he has taken Trunks' side of his feud with Ash Ketchum. Many months and a title-less Trunks later, and Brock is yet to be found. The former Tag-Team champion, betrayed by his partner and left to rot in singles competition while said partner utterly excels in it. I think it's due time for a separate, non-title feud between Brock - angered by Ash's betrayal and out for redemption, and the Ketchum himself, with his arrogant, egotistical side dismissing Brock as nothing more than an annoyance after their severed friendship. Brock vs. Ash Ketchum, No holds barred match, set for next month's pay-per-view. I can just smell it.


Optimus Prime/Sephiroth:

Either of the two, or better yet, the grand return of one of the most unorthodox tag-teams in the M4G-Nation. I was thrilled to see Team Old School get pummeled by the likes of Optimus Prime at Solar Eclipse (By far my all-time favorite pay-per-view), yet by the time of the next pay-per-view, they were overshadowed and pummeled in return by Spartan Fury, who went on to become an unforgettable tag-team themselves. Since then, Optimus Prime and Sephiroth were decent in their run in singles competition, but I don't quite get the spark that they instilled in the corporation as much as they did in the tag-team division. In my own view, I think that it is time for the duo to join forces once more, and hopefully dominate the tag-team division as they did in the early days.


Yoko Littner:

A strange choice indeed. A member of the Harlot division, currently winless (having lost twice against Kim Possible) in the M4G-Nation, and yet, I wish for a push on this anime heroine? To be frank, I chose her as #1 due to one aspect, and boy is that aspect able to send any female wrestler to the top of the pack, and that is her high-flying style. Having Yoko's character be controlled by a human player in her debut match really struck me as a possibility for a potentially bright future for the fiery red lady. Her reckless attacks and high-risk aerial maneuvers promptly reminded me of another great female superstar, Lita, and i'm unfettered to anything countering my belief that Yoko Littner just very well may be the 'Lita' of the M4G-Nation, and that alone is championship material. This character alone convinced me to create this list in the first place, and hopefully, lead to a new Harlot champion who isn't Taylor, Silky, or Bulma. (Whatever happened to Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw) by the way?)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, a special mention to the M4G-Nation for creating a channel that aims to entertain thousands of viewers daily, and is the driving force behind the wiki.

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