Hello everybody, I am KookyKaptainKrunch - the founder of the M4G-Nation wiki, and I am here to express my thoughts on the recently concluded PPV, Singularity.

As always with opinions and the like, there will be room for debate and some slight bias on my part, so bear with me on this one. Oh, and if you haven't watched Singularity yet, I suggest you do so immediately. Spoilers are imminent:

Match #1

The kickoff to the Pay-Per-View was between the randomly selected Westeros challlenging the defending champs - The Blues Brothers. Moments into the match, Vegeta and MegaMan showed signs of fatigue and wear, constantly receiving attacks from the vicious powerhouse duo. Once the situation of the Blues Brothers' stamina dwindling became palpable, then I knew that Westeros would take home the gold. Overall, I was slightly dissapointed with the outcome, but can understand that I am to respect Westeros for their fine match. As you may have witnessed with Captain97's predictions blog, I believed that The Blues Brothers were 'sorely under-represented' as a tag team. To clarify: Once their trend began to fade in preparation towards the atom-weight tournament, their prestige and existence in whole began to cease. I do understand, however, that there was little time for the M4G-Nation to highlight these two as champions because of: a hectic schedule, the tournament using up a ton of time, etc.

I do realize that, but I do hope that these guys can receive a second opportunity to clash with Poseidon and Khal Drogo once more. While I didn't appreciate the outcome at first, I can respect the fact that Westeros felt robbed of their titles too early at first, and that they wholly deserve the distinction of being the first ever two time champions. Heck, a title rematch would be a win-win scenario in my opinion: If Westeros retains, they'll prove their mettle even further as the two time champs. If the Blues Brothers reclaims the gold, then they'll have extra time to be recognized as a great tag team. Either way, it'll be a terrific match.

Match #2

The Harlot Division Championship was at risk of switching hands with Daenerys Targaryen defending her title against the 'Face of the Harlot's Division' Taylor Swift. In retrospect, I did feel that Taylor was cheated from the title at Sonic Boom in some aspect, with Harley Quinn interfering at match's end. However, Daenerys has validated herself as a great champion in my eyes. She had a enjoyable match against Silk Spectre last PPV, but with tensions rising and stipulations floating about, I knew that the Game of Thrones heroine was in the match of her life in an attempt to prove herself as among the Harlot Division's finest (in terms of wrestling skills, of course :D) competitors signed to the business.

While the match was not one of a typical singles competition brawl, thus impeding some chances for both combatants to display their full potential. I did however, enjoyed it - in terms of both the outcome, the aftermath, and the match itself. In my view, the match was very tense, but rather brief. I have absolutely zero qualms about it, however, since (a bit of bias here) I never was a fan of Inferno Matches, particularly the match between Jason Voorhees and Cookie Monster, which I felt was dragged out. Keeping the match brief helped to keep me interested in it though, as any longer and I may have been left slightly irritated.

As for the aftermath, I foresee a bright future in the Harlot's Division. With Taylor out of the title picture temporarily, a ton of leeway has been granted in giving other members of the division a chance, and (no offense to Taylor Swift, I think she deserves her mantra as the 'Face of the Harlot's Divison) I'm happy to see Swift leave for a much needed break. Because of this, other competitors such as the 'Second Prettiest Girl in School' Cammy, Daphne Blake (explained below), and the Harlot who received a push from the champion herself - Yoko Littner, can now prove their worth in the business.

Of course, then there's the 'other' aftermath: Poison Ivy was moments away from cashing in her Money In The Bank contract, but was blindsided by Daphne Blake. In regards to why Daphne would (seemingly) inexplicably defend Daenerys from having her belt stolen post-match, I think Packard explained it best: Because Taylor Swift can no longer be champion - or a part of the Harlot's Division for a while, Daphne believes that no one else can receive the title. She is a part of Taylor's mini stable (with Hermione Granger) after all, and who knows: Perhaps Daphne could contend for the title on Taylor's or her stable's behalf.

Match #3

Oh boy, this match. Perhaps one of the greatest - if not THE greatest, match of the card. Jesus faces off against Adolf Hitler in what is the M4G-Nation's very first dual title match. I had high expectations for this spectacle, and I am far from dissapointed. I assume that's the advantage of player-controlled matches: Despite a few viewers complaining that it is a sign of a match that is fixed, or that it's predictable, you are basically guaranteed a fantastic battle. This match was chock full of action, high flying maneuvers (I didn't know Hitler had a Shooting Star Press in his arsenal, and he performed it over three times without hurting himself. Take that, Brock Lesnar) near falls only attainable in human controlled matches, and overhwelming prestige. With this match in the history books. I am now certain that Adolf Hitler is among one of the best atom-weights in the M4G-Nation. He may have a carefree, dancing gimmick reminiscient of Skeeter Valentine and the Red Ranger, but unlike the aforementioned two, he is all business in the squared circle. He even has a great stable behind his back- The Neo-Underworld, which I hope never dissolves in the near future.

As for Jesus, it's yet another heartbreaking defeat for him, seen before in the previous atom-weight tourney. Some fans may argue that - as Jesus is a member of the malicious Buu Supremacy stable, he was simply given his just desserts. But he bested what was essentially 15 other guys in a triumphant performance at the tourney, so while I did indeed root for Adolf Hitler, I respect how far Jesus went (with assistance though, but I digress) to make it to the top. Hopefully this can lead to a promising future for both men, for they put up an incredible match.

Match #4

This match, in my (biased) opinion, resulted in one of the weaker PPV matches. I have high hopes for the Queens and Sevens to establish themselves as those worthy of the female tag titles, but fluke after fluke, this hope is gradually decreasing. I really do enjoy the team (and Trevor's exasperation towards them) and the fact that they can squeak out a much needed victory at a crucial moment, but I think this only tarnishes the title in the long run. There are numerous moments where they can provide some awesome teamwork, and they have a great team composition as well: Harley's the agile one, while Bloodrayne can perform as a powerhouse (I felt that this can resemble Sub-Zero and Scorpion, Dawn and Misty, Link and Captain Falcon, etc.). Unfortunately, I can only wish for them to succeed (or make a fool out of themselves).

Following their Hell In A Cell bout, the Queens & Sevens were ambushed by the masked Harlot seen twice prior to this title match. Suddenly, it seems that she was accompanied by an additional Harlot (Kunimitsu from Tekken?) as the tandem nicknamed as the 'Lucha-Whores'. Their reign of terror perseveres and permeates the separate minds of the division, so the question is: Who in the blue hell are they? And why didn't anybody contact the local authorities?

Match #5

The penultimate event, Galactic Champion Master Chief squares off against the ever so persistent Captain Pollution for the secondary title. Pollution's presence has irked a great deal of the roster, including M4Gnitude, Trevor, anybody who Pollution has injured, Kratos (if that car Pollution crushed with a Ron Swanson supplied monster truck belonged to Kratos), and even the namesake Supremacy leader Buu. Ever since his heel turn, Pollution has been the trend which most fans are chattering about (Viva La Pollution?) and has simultaneously been a rather sharp thorn in the GoKrew's side. Now that he has successfully cheated his way into a PPV fight against the Jericho-infused Master Chief, I had some speculation that the rather frail looking (if he had armor and a helmet, I would withdraw my judgement) Buu Supremacy henchman might be able to grant the Supremacy the final trophy in their belt collection. Overall, I (I'm going to regret this) expected Pollution to win it all.

Moments prior to the Harlot title match, Master Chief met Goku backstage, and persuaded him to refrain from interfering with his title match. Goku accepted, entrusting Master Chief with beating Pollution in a dominant fashion. This in turn led up to suspicion about any potential interferece from either side, although much less so the GoKrew than the Supremacy.

All in all, I felt that the match was very well done. What I did not expect, however, was the fact that it was a fair fight all the way through (barring the small package), which is slightly uncharacteristic of someone such as the devious Captain Pollution to do. I predicted that Pollution would have won the title via outside clandestine interference - but instead, he legitimately reigned supreme over Master Chief, one of the best all time competitors. If this is supposed to prove Captain Pollution to the M4G-Nation universe, as his match against Ash Ketchum did, then heck, I have no problems with it. I did enjoy his heinous act of copying Master Chief's entrance, which I thought at first was a glitch (dammit THQ), and the fact that Goku rescued Chief from injury, which leads or shall lead to more and better member interaction within the GoKrew, and finally: I appreciate that the Small Package claimed a victory this time.

Match #6

The prestigious main event match. Defending champion Bane must once again defeat rival Jack-6 to keep the world championship around his waist. After Jack-6 argued that the title should 'legally' be of his own possession following the controversial ending to their Galactic Throwdown II singles battle, Space Ghost devised their rematch bout in the unforgiving diabolic steel structure known as the Hell In A Cell.

Overall, I did not appreciate the ending of it. Jack-6 reclaiming the belt means that the situation regarding Supremacy dominance must once again start at square one. I fear that this may overshadow Pollution's Galactic Championship victory, which IMO should be a highlight of Pollution's career and thus can be recognized as in itself a Supremacy win. The match itself was great, Bane crashing Jack-6 through the roof with a debilitating Alabama Slam truly was a situation where I thought that Jack-6 was finally at the end of his main event reign. After a miraculous kick out at two, Bane performing the Soul Crusher was an indication of the final nail in the coffin for the robotic heel. However, a no-sell, a Megaton Punch, and a belly-to-back suplex afterwards, and Jack-6 repossessed his championship gold.

While I (in my biased view) did not like the ending per se, I can still see that there is still a great window of opportunity for any competitor to challange Jack-6. Of course, once the GoKrew collect the remnants of their previous form and properly rise to the top as a rebellion. I am very interested as to know what the future of the M4G-Nation and the Buu Supremacy will be. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this (or taking your time to scroll down to the bottom) and I would very much appreciate your opinions on this great PPV.

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