What's up, everybody?

Okay, a quick update for now. I'm currently trying to catch up on M4G-Nation videos and have reached up to January of 2014. It'll take a while to get up to date with the current events. Now I'm not sure if this was done already, but I plan to make a personal list of year end awards once I complete 2014's binge of videos, celebrating the M4G-Nation wrestlers' achievements. These awards are modeled after the Wrestling Observer's year-end awards, with a few minor changes.

The following awards are:

Wrestler of the Year 

Most Outstanding Wrestler 

Feud of the Year

Tag-Team of the Year

Most Improved

Best Atom-Weight

Harlot of the Year

Match of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Best Wrestling Maneuver

As soon as I'm all caught up, I'll get to work on the wiki. See you in the next blog update.

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