Quick update. I've been busy for a good chunk of 2016, but I'll be returning to update pages for the wiki. I won't provide any detailed summary of my thoughts on the M4G-Nation's 2015 year, but I somehow have the year-end awards document still intact. Here it goes:

Wrestler of the Year: The wrestler who made the most impact in the M4G-Nation, Green or Blue.

Captain America

Most Outstanding Wrestler: While not making as much of an impact, he is the most accomplished wrestler.

Jason Voorhees

Feud of the Year:

Thor vs. Sub-Zero

Tag-Team of the Year: 

Golden Duo

Most Improved:

The Hulk

Best Atom-Weight:

White Ranger

Female wrestler of the Year


Match of the Year:

Frieza vs. Tien (GDT R3M4)

Other candidates for MOTY include:

Sub-Zero vs. Thor (Space Jam 2)

Bane vs. Captain Ultra (Space Jam 2)

Winter Soldier vs. The White Ranger (M4G-Nation Blue Episode 37)

Thor vs. Captain Ultra (TMN Blue Episode 42)

Sub-Zero vs. Thor (Absolute Zero 2)

Sub-Zero vs. Thor (Northern Lights 3)

Kazandroids vs. Red, White, and Blue Eyes (M4G-Nation Green Episode 29)

Rookie of the Year: 


Best Wrestling Maneuver:

Tiger Sword

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