Hello everybody, just a quick update regarding my thoughts on 2014's M4G-Nation videos with the advent of 2015 just ahead to record and post on the wikia. As promised, I will also announce my awards for 2014.

Overall, I felt that 2014 was quite a solid year for the M4G-Nation, the dawning of a new era of WWE 2k14 and the brand split could have ended in disaster, but the team really pulled through despite a couple of setbacks. It is without saying that there were a couple of glaring flaws, however, that were either due to or beyond the M4G-Nation's control.

The positives as I recall from the top of my head include the brand split, the handling of the Buu Supremacy's return, and Blue's overall midcard and main event scene. The brand split, in particular, was a smart move because not only does it give an opportunity for multiple high caliber wrestlers to be represented, but it allows the M4G-Nation team to stay away from a previously hectic schedule of having to gather everyone to commentate a 10-20 minute match on a daily basis. The Supremacy's return and eventual phasing out was handled well. After nearly a year of Supremacy domination, the act became stale, and in my opinion, the fact that the Supremacy returned as babyfaces against a fresh new set of charcaters was the right choice.

As far as the brands go, I feel that M4G-Nation Blue stood out as a solid, well-developed roster of main eventers as well as a strong upper midcard scene to support it. Guys like Ash Ketchum, Kratos, Jack-6, Bane, and Jason Voorhees were perennial main eventers, while Loki, Cookie Monster, Gipsy Danger, Buu, and Sephiroth were great upper-midcard talents that could occasionally fight for the M4G-Nation Blue title. The loss of Team Blue vs. The Unwashed at M4GaMania 3, and the transition to WWE2k15 practically stripped M4G-Nation Blue bare of its top tier talent for a while, which means that Blue can either wait for 2015 and the rest of the roster to arrive, or start developing new stars quickly.

M4G-Nation Green, however, had some issues - particularly the main event scene. By the time I write this, Ryu and Captain America stood out as being the only 'true' main eventers of the brand, Kazuya lost all momentum through his string of losses, Boba Fett's heel character never amounted to much, and now he isn't credible enough to hold the title, and Deadpool was simply a one-off. Paul Phoenix is the current reigning champion of the brand heading into 2015, and only time will tell if he can make for a legitimate main eventer. Green Goblin had a great storyline as a former D-League guy who gradually became white hot through a solid string of PPV matches, tearing through any opponent in his way until he won te big one. Sadly, the angle was dropped early, unless Green Goblin makes a big comeback from a supposed injury and gets involved in the title chase again. Vegeta's defection from Blue to Green was a huge help, as Green desperately needed someone to bolster the lacking main event. Hopefully by the time I finish watching the remainder of 2015 that Green can bring some life into the top title, since they have a solid crop of midcarders like Tien, Goku, Yusuke, Quan-Chi, and Zangief that can very well be solid main eventers while the newer wrestlers can 'pay their dues' and work their way up to the top.

Another issue with the product in general seems to be the lack of enthusiasm towards the matches. Storytime and casual conversation between M4Gnitude and Trevor was always a positive, but it soon devolved into watching other programs or playing games while paying very little attention. It's completely understandable though, running one hour shows for the episodes and 3-4 hours for PPVs means that there's a lot of simulation to watch, and the game itself can get pretty boring in general, so I won't fault them much. A minor nitpick with storytelling was the dependancy on heel factions. While The Unwashed was built well, Perfection didn't seem to amount to much until Captain America joined, but the stable since then had always felt like they were Cap's enforcers instead of a dominant faction. Hopefully it can stay that way, and once Captain America's done as a heel, we'll get other ideas for storylines and feuds. With the addition of Thanos, though, Perfection may be here to stay.

While the harlot's divison never seeing a return is a downside, it's beyond the M4G-Nation's control. Despite this, another issue is the state of the Atom-Weight Division and that it feels really dull as of late. To me, guys like Gambit never clicked as champions to get behind and root for, and while it was never a division featuring storylines, the match quality was never up to par with the fast-paced and high flying matches from before. This was why I had trouble remembering great Atom-Weights from this year when I had to select a winner for the division's best, because it felt aimless and scattered, without a solid rotation of atom-weights to uphold the division when guys like Tien, Jesus, and Frieza moved on to fight for other titles.

Now for the year-end awards, I've kept track of potential contenders all throughout 2014, and here are the results:


Wrestler of the Year: The wrestler who made the most impact in the M4G-Nation, Green or Blue.



Most Outstanding Wrestler: While not making as much of an impact, he is the most accomplished wrestler.

Green Goblin


Feud of the Year:

The Unwashed vs. Team Blue


Tag-Team of the Year: 

The Xotica Xpress


Most Improved:



Best Atom-Weight:

White Ranger


Harlot of the Year: From what little I had to judge.

Candy Cane


Match of the Year:

Cookie Monster vs. Kratos (TMN Blue Episode 12)

other candidates for MOTY include:

The Joker vs. Batman vs. Jason Voorhees vs. Sephiroth vs. Thor vs. The Flash (TMN Blue Episode 3)

Android 17 vs. Frieza (TMN Green Episode 3)

Vegeta vs. Ash Ketchum (Sonic Boom 2)

Tien Shinhan vs. Kakashi Hatake (TMN Green Episode 15)

M4G-Nation Green vs. Blue Royal Rumble

Devimon vs. Goku (TMN Green Episode 19)

Rookie of the Year: Not a D-League member per se, but one who debuted in 2014

Kakashi Hatake


Best Wrestling Maneuver:

Joker’s Wild


But aside from that, the M4G-Nation seems to be faring well despite its flaws, and hopefully, it can fix what was wrong with 2014 and improve upon what already works with its content. Thanks to all of you readers, I'm still working on the wiki slowly but surely, with about 100+ hours of M4G-Nation Content left to watch before I'm caught up.

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