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    Quick update. I've been busy for a good chunk of 2016, but I'll be returning to update pages for the wiki. I won't provide any detailed summary of my thoughts on the M4G-Nation's 2015 year, but I somehow have the year-end awards document still intact. Here it goes:

    Wrestler of the Year: The wrestler who made the most impact in the M4G-Nation, Green or Blue.

    Captain America

    Most Outstanding Wrestler: While not making as much of an impact, he is the most accomplished wrestler.

    Jason Voorhees

    Feud of the Year:

    Thor vs. Sub-Zero

    Tag-Team of the Year: 

    Golden Duo

    Most Improved:

    The Hulk

    Best Atom-Weight:

    White Ranger

    Female wrestler of the Year


    Match of the Year:

    Frieza vs. Tien (GDT R3M4)

    Other candidates for MOTY include:

    Sub-Zero vs. Thor (Space Jam 2)


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    Hello everybody, just a quick update regarding my thoughts on 2014's M4G-Nation videos with the advent of 2015 just ahead to record and post on the wikia. As promised, I will also announce my awards for 2014.

    Overall, I felt that 2014 was quite a solid year for the M4G-Nation, the dawning of a new era of WWE 2k14 and the brand split could have ended in disaster, but the team really pulled through despite a couple of setbacks. It is without saying that there were a couple of glaring flaws, however, that were either due to or beyond the M4G-Nation's control.

    The positives as I recall from the top of my head include the brand split, the handling of the Buu Supremacy's return, and Blue's overall midcard and main event scene. The brand split, in …

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    Short Update

    October 16, 2015 by KookyKaptainKrunch

    What's up, everybody?

    Okay, a quick update for now. I'm currently trying to catch up on M4G-Nation videos and have reached up to January of 2014. It'll take a while to get up to date with the current events. Now I'm not sure if this was done already, but I plan to make a personal list of year end awards once I complete 2014's binge of videos, celebrating the M4G-Nation wrestlers' achievements. These awards are modeled after the Wrestling Observer's year-end awards, with a few minor changes.

    The following awards are:

    Wrestler of the Year 

    Most Outstanding Wrestler 

    Feud of the Year

    Tag-Team of the Year

    Most Improved

    Best Atom-Weight

    Harlot of the Year

    Match of the Year

    Rookie of the Year

    Best Wrestling Maneuver

    As soon as I'm all caught up, I'll get to …

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    Hey everybody of the M4G-Nation Universe. KookyKaptainKrunch here with a long overdue update on what I've been up to so far. I'll be very brief with this:

    For those unfamiliar with me, I'm the founder of the M4G-Nation wikia website, and its sole administrator. I am indeed in charge of editing the front page, so if it looks quite outdated as it is now, that fault would be of my own. My rather sudden disappearance from the M4G-Nation community was mainly due to work, school, among other factors, and from a general lack of interest in wrestling. After missing a week's worth of vids, I decided to stop watching to handle the burnout.

    So long story short, I'll try to catch up on about 2 year's worth of content. But mostly, this blog is really jus…

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    Hello everybody, I am KookyKaptainKrunch - the founder of the M4G-Nation wiki, and I am here to express my thoughts on the recently concluded PPV, Singularity.

    As always with opinions and the like, there will be room for debate and some slight bias on my part, so bear with me on this one. Oh, and if you haven't watched Singularity yet, I suggest you do so immediately. Spoilers are imminent:

    The kickoff to the Pay-Per-View was between the randomly selected Westeros challlenging the defending champs - The Blues Brothers. Moments into the match, Vegeta and MegaMan showed signs of fatigue and wear, constantly receiving attacks from the vicious powerhouse duo. Once the situation of the Blues Brothers' stamina dwindling became palpable, then I kne…

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