dale Earnhardt jr was the best hardcore champion when he had the title in the m4g nation. he only lost the belt because he was in a fatal 4 way tlc ladder match. if he only faced one opponent, doesn't matter if it had been hulk or ironman, or batman he would have won. also the fact he was put in an even more unfair match with twice as many guys made it even more unfair for him. and you put him against tien who is by far the best atom weight in my opinion. plus it was stupid pairing him w the flash cause flash cant do jack, especially when dale had to face jack 6 who was really pissed at the time pretty much by himself.

please m4g nation, if you have to put him in the d league but bring back dale jr. I am begging you. also bring back the supremacy so there's a good storyline again, the vids these days aren't as good as they were when the supremacy were running the place.

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