Hello my name is Captain97 and i will be starting a new blog series. Here i will analyze a different Wrestler or Harlot and make judgements on there career. I will look at there background history of the person and then highlight the pros and Cons of there Careers. I will then predict how there career futures will go and what they shall do in there careers.


What better Wrestler to kick off the new blog series then the first star of the M4G-Nation. Yusuke Urameshi is one of the longest running members of the roster and most likely will never leave us. But back when i was starting to watch M4G-nation i could not tell you who he was. Yusuke is a teenager who is half human and half demon and leads a group of fighters to protect the human world from demons in the anime YuYu Hakusho. In M4G-Nation he lead the other members of Team Yusuke in the early days. He would get chances at the Tag Team Championships but failed to win them losing to Team Old School. But he would enter the first Royal Rumble match and become the first ever Inter-Universal Champion which was the highest championship at the time. He would retain the title vs Goku an a classic match and then he would retain the title at the first ever ppv Galactic Throwdown vs King. The rivalry between him and Buu marked the first major storyline of M4G-Nation and a change would sweep over the M4G-Nation. Yusuke  lost the title. 

Afterwards he would try to reclaim it at Big Bang but failed. He would fail off the map and almost lost his job in pink slip matches vs Wolverine and Black Wing. But then he would join Team Goku and win the Money in the Bank and almost won the M4G-Nation Championship vs Jack-6 at Vernal Equinox. Yusuke was a second away but Jack-6 powered out and while Yusuke and Boba both had a triple threat match vs Jack-6 at Sonic Boom Zangief broke both of them allowing Jack-6 to pin Yusuke. Yusuke will now be entering the Road To Gold Series in hopes of becoming number one contender and win the M4G-nation Championship once again.


Yusuke is a very good wrestler. He was able to defend the Inter-Universal Championship twice vs Goku who is the greatest Wrestler never to win a Championship and King(former Hardcore Champion). His moveset has a nice mix of speed, power, and grace. He has the chance to wow the crowd with the right move if he is given the chance and has done so in the past. 

Yusuke was the first major star of the M4G-Nation and as first Champion led the way. His feud with Buu would bring The Nation out of the Dark Days. His story of being on top of the world to falling back to the bottom to rising again is a underdog story everyone loves. In many ways he is a dying breed as he is only one of a handful of wrestlers from the old days. Add to that his impact and he is one of the best there is.


Despite the good there is still a lot of bad when it comes to his career. Yusuke won the most important championship at a time when the roster was at its weakest. His defenses were vs some great fighters like Goku, King, and Buu. But when you look at who fought in the rumble when he won the title it is somewhat weak. At the time the roster had a  lot of one off or joke characters that really did nothing. Kenny Powers, Bob Saget, Tom Tebow and some others were jokes in the ring and gave nothing. Now when you look back at that rumble it is important to note that there were a lot of guys who are still around and all of the guys that remained were Champions. But still the roster was weak and it was at a time when there were no stories or reasons as to why guys fight each other. 

Another issue was that Yusuke was at the bottom for some times and was sitting there. For months after Big Bang he was nothing more then a once great thing reduced to nothing. When you have to fight Pat James Regean to save your career you know you have hit a low. The other issue is he has gotten a few chances but has been unable to reclaim gold and leave me to wonder if his lone championship was a fluke.

Final thoughts

But then his sore championship regin is not a fluke. That rumble yes it had a lot of bad characters but then it had great ones. Vegeta(Hardcore and Tag Team) Darth Maul(Atom Weight) Darth Vader(Inter-Universal) Captain Planet(Current Galactic) Sub Zero(Tag Team) are all champions. Not to mention Yusuke's regin last for a long 113 days and was one of the best champions ever. He has remained relevant at a time when other champions(Captain America and Darth Vader) have fallen to the wayside. In the End Yusuke is one of the best Wrestlers that the M4G-nation has ever had.

Please let me know what you think of Yusuke and give me an idea of who i should do next week. Enjoy the Wiki

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