Hello everyone. I started a series with one blog that i never followed up on :P. Anyways welcome to Wrestler Anaysis. Here i will analyze a different Wrestler or Harlot and make judgements on there career. I will look at there background history of the person and then highlight the pros and Cons of there Careers. I will then predict how there career futures will go and what they shall do in there careers.


Master Chief would debut in a 4 man ladder match with Android 16, Hiei, and Captain Planet with the winner facing Bojack to see who would become the first ever Galactic Champion. Master Chief would win to face Bojack in a 20 minute Ironman match. The two would go at it with master Chief pulling out the win in the final seconds of a really underlooked battle that took place early in the year. Of course Master Chief would be traded to Shadow Force Wrestling taking the championship with him. However he would lose the title to a championship scramble match that still stands as one of the worst ideas ever(the title was won by The Joker). After the shut down of Shadow Force Wrestling Master Chief would return but the M4G-Nation would change. Everything had become tougher. A tag team with Iron Man as the Iron Giants was horrible as was anything he did on WWE 12

Fight for Gold

Master Chief would start off with a singles win over then Tag Team Champion Kratos. He would earn a shot inot the Big Bang Elimination chamver match for the Galactic Championship. Master Chief would make it to the final two before falling to Jason Voorhess. Chief would battle through the winter trying to win the title but failed twice. he would try to help out his buddy Goku in his battle for the M4G-nation Championship as he would be a orginal member of Team M4G-Nation vs the Buu Supermacy in a 3 on 3 matchup at Absolute Zero. While Chief failed to win the match for his team he was able to get very far in helpping Goku. 

Galactic Championship

Master Chief would win a ten man battle royal to earn another shot at Jason Voorhess. The two had built a friendly rivalry which resulted in a great matchup that was one of the best matches for the Galactic Championship at Vernal Eqinox. Master Chief would win the matchuo becoming the champion. Master Chief would beat jason one last time at Sonic Boom. However he would have to battle Pollution. After defending the title at Galactic Throwdown II Master Chied would try to battle Captain Pollution and end the Supermacy's "Hitman" at Singularity. Pollution however would win. Master Chief would get another shot at Solar Eclipse II but was unable to win. Master Chief would be among the final two in Team M4G-Nation's battle vs the Buu Supermacy where the loser would be gone from the M4G-Nation until 2014. Master Chief would be amone the final two of team M4G-Nation and while he was unable to win the matchup himself was able to provide leadership when Goku went down.

After getting new armor and a new look Master Chief would win another ladder matchup this time 6 people. Chief would battle Pollution and Ash at Big Bang II where Master Chief would win and become the Galatic Champion again for the third time pinning Pollution.


Overall Master Chief is one of the best singles wrestlers ever being the only three time Galactic Championa and the only guy to hold the titles more then once. He is also among the top in points thanks to his many wins and losing only a few times. He was the only member during Team M4G-Nation's run to hold any form of Championship. He was also at one time the only member around when everyone else was on injury watch. Chief has also had some good matches as he brings a great amount of speed and power into his moves. Master Chief loves to pick up guys and throw them around as his match with Pollution at Singularity shows. Chief is a badass hero and often avoids much of the cartoon hero arch types. Master Chief has a bright future.


While Master Chief was good he has been hurt by a few trobules. His first championship regin was not all that good since he went over to SFW and lost it there in his only match. The WWE 12 run when he returned was really bad and during the start of WWE 13 he could not win much. Even when you look at his three runs as Galactic Champion parts of them looked like bust. His first regin of 15 days was really bad. His second regin of 99 days was a huge improvement and his best so far. His third regin just started but at 26 days has been little weak. Master Chief always seems to be at the top but never thought of as a Main eventer as he just can't seem to get by the Galactic Championship. Not a bad thing as not everyone can be in the main event but it is a bit surprising he has never had a match for the championship.


Master Chief is here to stay. I suspect Master Chief and the Galactic Championship will keep hooking up and he will end up with at least 5 different galatic championship regins. I suspect he will have a short tag team title regin. At some Point he will break the glass ceilling and will become the M4G-Nation. However Since Master Chief has so many points and has won so much everyone will go after him. After all as a wrestling great once said "To be the  Man you got to beat the Man!" and right now Master Chief is the Man.

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