I bring to you another blog post. The blog posts i make express my feelings on certain topics. Some are serious while others are funny. I hope you guys enjoy them as i add random thoughts to the wiki.

This blog will talk about the Hardcore Championship and judge which of the title regins is the best ever. The Hardcore Championship is a championship that can be defended 24/7 and can be defended anywhere. It could be a formal match, a battle in the locker rooms, parking lot, just about any location will do as long as you got a ref. Becuase of this the Hardcore Championship can be won by anyone and can be lost very easily. As a result many former Hardcore Champions exist often one time. These former "champions" would often lose the title in there first defense. As a result many are not viewed with much prestige. This blog will discount the title regins of KingCookie MonsterDale Earnhardt Jr.KratosPoseidon, and current champion Adolf Hitler. That leaves us with two Championship title regins. Vegeta and Jesus

Vegeta's Hardcore Championship regin

Vegeta would not have much luck in WWE 12 but would start off WWE 13 well beating Ironman . He would then become one of six men to battle to become the first Hardcore Champion. Vegeta would then go on to own the longest Championship regin at a grand total of 64 days from December 6th till February 7th. During that time Vegeta would enter the december 22nd royal rumble match at the dreaded number 1 spot. He would last 14 minutes and knock out then number one contender and Atom-Weight Champion Trunks and Ash Ketchum respectfully. Vegeta controled much of the early part of the match and added much to make that rumble special. After that he would defend the Championship vs Iron man backstage, Django in a formal match before finally losing it to Cookie Monster backstage.

Vegeta would go on to own the Hardcore Championship a second time but his first regin is the most people remember. It was his wins that helped to launch his career as he is only one of a few men to be elevated by the title. He also would put on great battles as champion and did not lose it easily to Cookie Monster.

Jesus Christ's Hardcore Championship regin

Jesus Christ had had hard luck since losing in the finals of the first ever Atom Weight Tournment. Going on to lose for such a long time left Jesus in a low state. Jesus would turn his luck as he began to work with Captain Pollution. At Galactic Throwdown II Captain Pollution would interview Batman helping Jesus attack him from behind. Jesus would beatdowm Batman to become the new champion. Jesus would then help Pollution by tag teaming vs the Hulk . Jesus would save Pollution many times and pin the Hulk giving Pollution the number one contendership which Pollution would use to become the Galactic Championship.

Meanwhile Jesus would enter the second ever Atom Weight Tournament. He would with help from Pollution beat Space Ghost, get revenge on Trunks, beat rising star Deadpool, and former tag team champion Link. All the while he had to defend the championship and retained each time setting up the history making Champion vs Champion match vs Hitler at Singularity where the winner would be the first person to own two Championships at the same time. Jesus lost the match but was able to give one hell of a battle and in one of the best matches this year.

Comparing the two regins

Vegeta's Championship regin was the longest ever. He was also placed in the top 10 where he has yet to be passed. Vegeta was the first champion and is the only person to ever be able to defend there championship successfully in the 24/7 rules. He is also the only two time champion Hardcore Championship winning it a second time. However Vegeta would battle the likes of Django and Iron man and was never apart in any major storylines which most Hardcore Champions aren't.

Jesus's regin however was different. Jesus in his short time with the belt was able to affect the Galactic Championship helpping Captain Pollution to become the number one contender which he would win. Pollution's head would grow to big and he got cocky which would get him thrown out of the Buu Supermacy and further the falling apart of the stable(indirectly and not on purpose of course). Jesus would win the second ever Atom Weight Tournament meaning he was able to beat out 15 other Atom Weights and being apart of history. Most Hardcore Champions don't do that much. All respect to Vegeta but i think that Jesus has had a better regin as Hardcore champion for his impact on the M4G-Nation.

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