Happy new year and hopefully some great wrestling from the best CAW wrestling league known simply as The M4G-Nation. While It is the best there are two different brands each with a stacked roster that contends and completes for our attentions. As these two wrestlers battle it out to see who wins week in and week out a debate question came to mind. Which roster is better? M4G-Nation Blue or M4G-Nation Green? Both have great wrestlers from bottom to middle to top. But the question of which one is better depends upon opinion. As a senior fan, a major editor of the wiki and a personal friend of the M4G-Nation I have come to watch both rosters grow and thus have a lot of knowledge on the wrestlers. I will try to answer this debate. (I will include the currently suspended members of Team Blue with the rest of the Blue roster due to the ban being gone in two days)

Bottom Card

The bottom card is made of wrestlers who complete on the lot tier of the M4G-Nation. The top prize of the bottom card is the Hardcore Championship currently belonging to M4G-Nation Blue Wrestler The Hulk. This part of the card does not get much attention but then withy good reason being that many of the wrestlers are not well knowjn or don't do that well and don't get on ppvs and if they do its because they are thrown into the hardcore championship match. Blue has had an advantage in they have had more hardcore champions. But one man has held M4G-Nation's green bottom card together. Well i should say one goblin. Green Goblin single handly took control of the Hardcore divison and did not let go until he decided to vacate the championship. This is a tough one but while the divison help lanuch a great star in Green Goblin Blue's bottom card has a few more players and is a bit better.

Atom Weight Division

The Atom Weight Divison will be counted as its own part of the roster. Blue's is bigger but that is because Trevor will throw anyone into the divison if they meet the weight limits. But Green's had more stories come out of its divison such as Freiza beating that douchebad Android 17 a day after 17 beat Tien. Overall it evens out and both sides are talented. Sure blue held the title longer but you can make the case that Green has just as good a divison. This one is a tie

Tag Team Divison

Like the Atom Weight Divison the Tag Team Divison will have its own section. A down year for tag teams because anyone could win the titles and there were zero stories invloving the tag team titles. Such a sad state since in 13 there was the major storyline between Link's revenge vs the Buu Supermacy leading to an all time great match for tag teams and a new format for the Tag Team Championship match at Galactic Throwdown. Still Blue had the titles longer and while The Golden Duo has a chance i like Blue's slightly


The Midcard is built up of wrestlers who get on ppvs a lot and contend for the Galactic and Solar Flare Championships and or win the titles. Dante, Captain Pollution, Raiden, Quan Chi would be a good example of this. Both titles are equal through the galactic title is the third oldest championship in M4G-Nation history. Thanks to Blue's next man up approach there was always fresh challenegers for the Galactic Championship and the title drifted from one future hall of fame wrestler to the next. Green's midcard title scene was hot and cold but when it is hot it is hot. Its another close one but Green's midcard scene has one advantage. Raiden's current title reign is growing and becoming more and more impresive by day. Raiden is a man to watch for 2015 and as the leader of Green's midcard leads a strong group of young hungry wrestlers

Main Event

Once this is a tough one. Blue's next man up approach created a case where there was a great number of wrestlers who contended and fought for the Blue title which means there were a huge amount of wreslters who became first time champions and contedners. While this is good in creating fresh matchups an issue arose in people who we have to ask in hindsight did they deserve to be champions(I am looking at you Cookie Monster). Green's title scene is a lot smaller but while the matchups are not nearly as fresh the wrestlers in the scene all deserve to be there. Captain America, Ryu, Boba Fett, Kazuya, Deadpool, Paul Phenoix and a few others. It depends on what you prefer a bigger main event scene but some questionable members or a smaller main event scene but one where all the members of it deserve to be there. Its tough but Blue's great numbers and quaility of champions make it better.

Final verdict

Blue's roster is bigger and has a lot of great wrestlers and while Green has a large amount of talent it simply cannopt complete with Blue's appraoch. By giving a lot of wrestlers the chance to do well Blue has had some failures *cough The Flash cough cough* Blue has created more stars and those stars have shinned bright.

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