(This post is dedicated to my friend who made me want to make this as well as any smarks out there. This post will also be dedicated to the reddit M4G-Nation writer Shin_Woo who will be going away to military. We love and support you and thank you for the service of our country)

So i hanging out with two of my friends and they asked me what i had been doing since i last saw them. I told them i was doing wiki pages for the group M4G-Nation. They asked what that was and i told them. One friend told me he would try and watch it. The other friend could not accpeted certain ideas. The main problem he had was that certain wrestlers like The Hulk or Superman should be able to destory people in real life. He could not accept that despite there powers that they were mid or low card players. I told him about the super power ban in the M4G-Nation and he told me "Then how the hell does the Hulk fight in hulk form becuase that is a superpower." Needless to say i don't he will be watching.

Let me explain something to you before we begin. M4G-Nation is made by four guys who use fictional characters to fight each. Think WWE if it were based with characters you saw on tv, movies, books, stories etc. Each character has stats that are leveled to be the same so no one has any advanatge over each other. If they did then there would be a problem. Now of course certain characters like the Atom Weights have there speed highlighted while people like Bojack, Zangief, or the Hulk have power highlighted. But they are even out so no one has too much of anything. Everything is equal so don't think for a second it is not.

But here is the real issue . My frined is a coimc book nerd so of course he knows about the comic book characters and there abilities. The only thing taken away from the comic books are the characters history and look as well as a base powers and not full power. Another thing to think about is that these guys are not real. With the expection of real life people most every fighter is not real. When you debate about who has more power and then assume who will win, you are going about it the wrong way. Turn off the thoughts and watch the match. It is more fun if you don't think about who has more power or not. That is why the Hulk is not the m4G-Nation champion. He may be able to rip buildings apart in comics but here he has been waterdowned to the point where everything is equal. This is what allowed Dale jr to destory the Hulk as the Vernal Equinox ppv and not die. Turn off the brain and have fun.

Lastly don't be a smark because no one likes those kinds of fans.

Let me know about your thoughts in the comment section and or tell me about when you tried to get someone to watch M4G-Nation and hated it. If I like a story i will post the name of the person on my next blog.

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