Vegeta's slow rise to the top was reaching its highest point yet. Vegeta had been around the Hardcore title scene and the Tag Team Title scene but now he would enter the Galactic title picture winning a fatal four way. Vegeta's foe at the time was then the renamed Pollution Champion Captain Pollution who had been one of the hottest guys for the last 8 months since his now famous turn on Captain America and becoming one of the evilest men on the roster. This was an important matchup for one of the most important championships in the M4G-nation.

Mace Windu: "That Galactic Title is like a preview of the main event scene in the M4G-Nation. Master Chief the three time champion was only the co leader of Team GoKrew/Team M4G-Nation. Jason Voorhess held the title once for 4 straight months and he is a contender in the M4G-Nation Blue Championship scene. And of Course Jack-6 owning the longest title reign in M4G-Nation history and being one of the greatest wrestlers to ever be in the M4G-Nation. This was important for Vegeta because if he wins he would put his name into that kind of group would be huge."

At Space Jam Pollution and Vegeta would begin what was thought to be an epic battle...until Pollution would walk out of the ring and onto the stage to get himself counted out and retain the Championship. That result would disappoint many until Magneto the general manager of Blue would enter the ring to change things around.

Magneto: "I was not going to allow Captain Pollution to push around the rules in order to keep his championship and I am not allowing Vegeta's hard work to go away just like that. I restarted that match and made it no DQ with La Pollution banned from ringside and took away the Pollution Title to make sure they fought for a real Championship. I needed to enforce the rules and I did it and I have no regrets with the results"

Vegeta vs Pollution would be a 15 minute battle between two men. One man in Pollution wanted to keep his spot while Vegeta was looking to take it away and in the end a Final Flash on the Sledgehammer would get Vegeta the win and his biggest championship he has won yet. Vegeta would enjoy the moment before Magneto would decide to end the Vegeta vs Pollution feud.

Magneto: "I wanted to take this battle between two rivals and a seven match series would be perfect as they tore each other apart all for that Championship and would make that title mean something important."

Vegeta would lose the first match to Pollution before he took match two and match three and then drop match four making the series a three match finish. Magneto would be attacked but he would advance the series to finish at Supernova 2 where Vegeta and Pollution would split the fifth and sixth match before meeting for one last time in match 7. Both would be at the top of a ladder where the title would swing overhead. Vegeta would knock off Pollution before unhooking the championship and retaining the biggest Championship he had ever owned. Vegeta has gone on to co lead M4G-nation Blue vs Green in the 7 on 7 match and defending the title vs Dante at Northern Lights 2. Where Vegeta goes from here is unknown but The Rise of a Saiyan has been fun to watch and shall be as his career blazes down the path.

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