Vegeta had been a two time Hardcore Champion and a Tag Team Champion. But for the Prince of all Saiyans he would gain a chance and enter the first ever Road for Gold series. The winner of the event would end up with a championship match vs the M4G-Nation Champion at the end of the series. Vegeta would enter the first battle royal but come up short before battling vs Deadpool in a singles match.

Deadpool: Why am i here? I was just looking for some tacos and a free keg of beer and i show up to do an interview about Vegeta? Pfft i have better things to do then answer dumb questions for this dumb blog which btw was not done for a few months and most likely people will be forgetting about this. Whatever yeah that match with Vegeta. He kicked my ass and pinned me. What you want more? well i admit he was tough. He i think was the best fighter i have ever fought in the M4G-Nation. He best me and he did a good job of winning his way in the Road to Gold series. I think he sould have won the thing.

Vegeta would beat Deadpool and gain 2 vital points in the series. Vegeta would then battle vs the first ever M4G-Nation Champion in Yusuke Urameshi.

Yusuke Urameshi: I had been on a down path after losing the M4G-Nation Championship. But i remember getting close to being champion again when i almost beat Jack-6 twice. So when i entered the Road to Gold i was hoping i would win the whole thing. I went vs Vegeta and me and him had a fun match as we fought for two points. He beat me in a good match. Afterwards we were backstage and i was in the showers. I came out and he stood by and shook my hand and saying to me "Since you beat Kakarot(Goku) i wanted to face you and i had my chance today and you lived up to the hype. Good match" That day me and Vegeta had respect for one another and he and me have been helping to train each other and we have become good friends.

Vegeta would enter the final weekend with a chance to become a member of the final 4 to move onto the finals of Road to Gold. But there would be a major issue. The final matches were battle royals and Vegeta was planned to enter the last one with Yusuke Urameshi, Zangief, and Sephiroth. But a certain wrestler got a second shot.

King Leondias: I was in the Road to Gold but I was going to finish outside the final four and i wanted a shot at that title because my tag team partner Kratos was there and i wanted to battle with him. So i took out Vegeta backstage and took his spot. All that good did me because i did not make it in. I felt bad afterwards for Vegeta because there were no more matches for him. I went to the gm and i told him what happened. I got a heavy fine and a stiff warning and Vegeta was booked in a last chance match vs Cookie Monster, Space Ghost, and Captain America which Vegeta won meaning he got the final spot in the Road to Gold finals.

Vegeta would enter M4Gamania 2 where he would battle vs Kratos in a hard fought matchup and come out onto to move on to the next match in the gauntlet where he would fall to Zangief. Vegeta had lost his chance at the big gold belt and he would fall despresed. Entering WWE 14 he would have a chip on his shoulder due to his failures to be unable to reach the main event stage. But Vegeta would win a fatal four way match to get a championship title shot vs Captain Pollution and the Galactic Championship(Then called the Pollution Championship) and then thus enter a path of his career where everything would change.

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