For Vegeta he was a man marked. Losing the Hardcore Championship was the beginning of a downfall for the proud warrior. For the man to lose his championship to a Race Car Driver while his biggest rival to battle it out for the biggest championship as well as be in the main event was a blow to the massive well know ego that he had. Mace Windu remembers what happened at Absolute Zero after Vegeta lost teh Hardcore Championship.

Mace Windu "I was working patrol that evening to make sure nothing was going wrong with the event. I was going into the parking lot when i saw Vegeta on the ground bleeding. I rushed to him and asked him what happened. He just looked at the ceiling and told me to leave him alone. I left but told Kimbo Slice and Ron Swanson about Vegeta and they went to Vegeta to watch over him. I went to his locker in the locker room and opened it to get his stuff and return it too him. When i opened the locker i saw his bags and as i picked them up i noticed a picture. It was the Absolute Zero match card and Goku's face was circled. 

As it turned out Vegeta was on his way to the General Manger's office to ask for a Inter-Universal Championship match at the next pay per view. He wanted to prove he was better then Goku and being Double Champion would have been a huge step. For the saiyan he lost his chance.

After this he would enter in the 25th spot of the April 13th royal rumble royal rumble match and would last 7 minutes and get rid of a few superstars. However it was for Vegeta a disappointment who wanted to prove himself. He asked for a matchup between himself and Goku. He got his match but Cookie Monster would get thrown into the mix as well. But the three way would never happen as the new Captain Pollution would enter the arena and knock out Goku. Vegeta would pick up the easy win vs Cookie Monster but Vegeta's anger was targeted at the Buu Superacy for getting in his way to fight his rival. He would team with Sepiroth to take on Buu and Bojack with Buu pinning Bojack and then being beat up with steel chairs.

Sepiroth "He took that loss hard. Once we got to the back to the locker room he got his stuff and told me he was never going to tag team with me ever again. I suppose his anger stemmed from losing to Buu and Bojack two characters from DBZ and he thought he could beat them."

This was the start of Vegeta's down turn but his lowest point was his one on one lost to The Hulk. At that point Vegeta had no championship hopes. Other wrestlers were getting championship chances left and right and he was not in any matches for a long time.

Mace Windu "You could see it in his face in the backstage areas. He was not a happy man. Most of the time he thought to himself what if i quit? would anyone miss me?. he had no purpose"

However this low unlike his one back in 2012 would be brought to an end rather quickly thanks to a a new tag team partner. On June 17th the Tag Team Championships would be on the line in a Tag Team Gauntlet match. Vegeta would be lucky getting the final draw but would learn that he would be tag teamning with Megaman

Mageman "When he learned he would be teaming with me Vegeta was shocked to sat the least. He wanted a different partner but i worked with him and we agreed to wrestle together. When we were coming up with ideas for our gimmick we wanted something people would not expect. My Mother came and gave me a suit for my school. Vegeta stood up and then told me about the Blues Brothers idea. He picked the song and we went and got the suits. Before we went out we saw Westros win and i was scarred. But he calmed me down and we worked it out. Somehow we were able to beat Westros and won the Tag Team Championships. It was the best moment ever."

Vegeta and Megaman would hold the tag team Championships for a month before losing them back to Westros at singularity. But for Vegeta he would get the moment to shine and got more championship gold added to his wrestling resume. With his wins Vegeta would ride off the sucess into the Road to Gold Torurnment where Vegeta was a favorite to win and become the M4G-Nation Champion. But it would be a battle and many of the strongest wrestlers would battle for a shot at the title. For Vegeta he was ready to go and battle for the chance to climb to the top of the mountain.

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