For many as November of 2013 rolled around it was a chance to shine. Many wrestlers were given the chance to prove themselves in one on one matches and try and see who would come out on top. At the time the major battle going on Jack-6 vs Jason for the Galactic Championship. As these titans battled it out another now famous battle took place that would chance the careers of two men.

Ironman "Yeah Jason Voorhess did a promo about him and Jack-6 and after that me and Vegeta were scheduled to have a macth and try and follow that. Both of us were not expected to do much. I honestly just went into it thinking there is no way we are going to be able to do anything. But he came out and he gave me a hard punch. After that he put everything he had into it. I thought wow he really wants it...well i better match."

What resulted was a glorious battle between two evenly matched men. Vegeta and Ironamn went back and forth in a now near classic matchup. Both man had been somewhat disapointments so far in the M4G-Nation careers but the match between the two showed off the potential.

Ironman "He got me outside the ring took advantage and speared me through the barricade outside. Of course early in the match i did the same thing so fair play i guess. He got back into the ring and i crawled but i could not make it. His career since then has gone up while mine has been stuck in place so i guess he really was the winner."

The win for Vegeta was a huge one and a boost. But to really make a name for himself he would need a championship. On December 6th a chance would be provided. The Hardcore Championship was debuting in a armageddon hell in a call match. Bandit Keith a future M4G-Nation Champion was one of the men inside the cell.

Bandit Keith "Yeah that six man match was a hell of a match. Me, Speed Racer, Captain Planet, Jesus, Lebron James and Vegeta we gave each other hell in that cell match. Every single one of us was bleeding and we were beating the crap out of each other. I remember Jesus putting me through the announcer table. I get back into the ring. Planet and Jesus are on the outside and Speed Racer and Lebron are on the other side of the ring leaving me vegeta. I kick in in the gut and then hit my finisher the American DDT. I cover him but then at 2 he kicks out. I get up wondering what the hell i could do to beat him. But then he hit the final flash on me and before i know it he pins me to win the match and become the first Hardcore Champion. Still that was a fun match.

With this win Vegeta would get his first ever singles title and would become a champion. His victory really put him at a high level and began the first golden era for Vegeta or otherwise known as Vegeta's Hardcore era. Of course his coming out party would be the third ever royal rumble. Vegeta got the worst draw coming out first and even worst news when his son Trunks came to the ring.

Trunks "I saw him in the ring and he was focused. I asked him if he wanted to work with and take down number 3. He punched me in the face so that plan went out the window. We fought for 4 minutes until he kicked me out of the ring. I wish i could have lasted longer but hey stuff happens.

Vegeta would go on to kick then atom weight contender and son Trunks and Atom Weight Division Champion Ash Ketchum. Vegeta run's would last 14 minutes and 22 second. In a twist of fate Vegeta's run would be overshadowed by Ezio's legendary royal rumble run, Stone Cold Steve Austin cameo, or Packard Winning the royal rumble. Vegeta however would remain Hardcore Champion for two months beatin Ironman backstage and beating Django in a hardcore match in the ring. However Vegeta would lose the title to Cookie Monster backstage.

Mace WIndu "I was camera man and i was ready for Vegeta vs Bandit Keith for the Hardcore Championship. Before the match could start filming there was some fighting going backstage. Fights did not break out backstage most of the time so i grabbed the camera and found Vegeta vs Cookie Monster. i filmed the match and Cookie Monster gave Vegeta a creasefire neckbreaker and knocking out Vegeta winning the Hardcore Championship. While Cookie Monster went to the ring to wrestle Bandit Keith Ron Swanson picked up Vegeta brought him to the ambulance we keep in the back just in case. And started healing him. Vegeta was pissed and i thought "So this is how the prince falls" "

While the loss was hurting Vegeta he would reclaim the Hardore Title at Northern lights in the first ever pay per view match for the Hardcore Championship. COokie Monster and Space Ghost were the other fighters and while they were battling each other Vegeta would climb the ladder and grab the championship.

Space Ghost "Me and Cookie Monster were punching each other. When i finally got into the ring i saw Vegeta unhook the belt and win the title. It was fitting. It was the first Hardcore Championship ppv match. Cookie Monster was eating so many cookies backstage and i was jumping around giddy. Vegeta was focused and he had one goal to win back his title. I guess he was the winner."

Vegeta would have one offical match as Hardcore Champion in a number one contendership match for the Galactic Champion vs Captain America, Cookie Monster, and Bandit Keith. While Cookie Monster pinned Captain America Vegeta would lose. However he would get a taste of the mountain top. However the Hardcore ended for Vegeta when at Absolute Zero Vegeta would be hit by a car and lost the Hardcore Championship to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Vegeta remains the only two time Hardcore Championa and made the belt rather important. But for Vegeta's loss would signal another dark period in his history....

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