As WWE 14 takes center stage it has been a year and a half since the M4G-Nation was founded. Many wrestlers have gone in and out of the M4G-Nation. Some have gone on to greatness while others have quielty bowed out of the M4G-Nation. One Wrestler however has stayed the entire lifespan of the M4G-Nation and has become one of the best and most loved of them all. Vegeta the Saiyan warrior from planet Vegeta has always been overlooked as a warrior always seeming to fall short while Goku his fellow Saiyan warrior becomes more powerful. But in the M4G-nation Vegeta was given a fresh start and as a result did well. Still his wins did not come without great struggle. For awhile many thought he would be someone who would never reach the promised land. This is the story of The rise of a Saiyan.

A nameless talent recruiter spoke to us about first finding Vegeta

Talent Recruiter "When the M4G-Nation began it was my job to the find wrestlers. At first we thought that the M4G-Nation was not going to be around for long so we did not promise much to many of the wrestlers. Much of first roster members have only wrestled one match and would never return."

What the talent did not know was that a certain wrestler named Vegeta would come in and never leave.

Talent Recruiter "I talked to an agent and i was able to get Vegeta. I knew he was powerful and I knew he could do well in the ring but i never thought he would want to stay around. His first match he got booked vs Elvis in a ladder match. It was the second ever match of the M4G-Nation and Elvis could not unhook a briefcase....Vegeta won the match and a contract with the M4G-Nation. To think that was the start of his M4G-Nation career."

Vegeta would next fight in the first ever royal rumble match. It was the match to determine the first ever Inter-Universal Champion which is the highest championship in the M4G-Nation.

Talent Recruiter "I remember giving Vegeta his entry slot card number 2 and him being pissed about it. He made threats to quit the M4G-Nation after the match. Of course when he saw Frieza come out first he went out and wrestled. He did well making it to the 8th man but got knocked out by Frieza. He came to the backstage area and broke a lot of stuff in the backstage area. He was made and was grabbing his stuff and leaving.

Vegeta left that night but he would remain with the M4G-Nation after cooling down. Wrestling a fatal four way he would fight Conan O Brain, Captain Planet, and Skeeter. Vegeta's loss with began a sort of dark period in Vegeta's Career. A few days later Goku would fight vs Yusuke for the Inter-Universal Championship. It would lead to a famous Vegeta blowout backstage. Ryu the current M4G-Nation Green Champion remembers the incident.

Ryu "I was backstage talking with a few arena staff members and seeing a chair fly by i turn around and see Vegeta getting mad yelling" "WHHHHAAAAAT?????!!!! Kakarot IS FIGHTING A MATCH FOR THE BIGGEST CHAMPIONSHIP AND HE LOSES??? UGHHHHHHHH..." "Vegeta would then fall down and start muttering to himself that he would become better then Kakarot and beat the man who beat Kakarot(Yusuke Urameshi)."

However Vegeta would struggle throughout the rest of the 2012 until Novmember losing match after match, failing to win the second royal rumble despite coming out 29th and making the final three and even teaming with his rival Goku.

Ryu "I was having a tough time of it as was Vegeta. The dark days were tough and not many guys really were able to break the glass ceiling. Yusuke and Buu were main eventing ppvs while some of us were not even on a ppv. Vegeta took it hard but to his credit he took everything in stride waiting for his chance to break the glass ceiling."

Mace Windu a M4G-Nation hall of famer would comment on the final ppv of WWE 12 M4Gamania

Mace Windu "The roster was at the time of change. For many guys they would be fired and the M4G-Nation would make new hires. Still there was a ppv to do and everyone was called in to show up and get the paychecks and pink slips. I remember Vegeta siting in the locker room with a towel over his head. He should have been happy. His wife became Harlot Division Championa and his son was Atom Weight Champion. But Vegeta was upset he had not been on the ppv and having to sit and watch. He looked at me told me to sit down and promised me that soon Vegeta would become a name to be feared in the M4G-Nation.

For Vegeta the Dark days came to an end as the M4G-Nation would move into a new gaming system. For him his WWE 12 career came to a close. It was a failure since he was unable to become champion and unable to make an impact. But Soon When WWE 13 would roll around his luck would finally change...

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