It is a period of transition as the M4G-Nation splits into two different brands. The roster now has now as of today 64 roster members. The most important thing that a wrestler can win in the M4G-Nation is a championship and the most important titles are the M4G-Nation Blue Championship on M4G-Nation Blue and M4G-Nation Green Championship on M4G-Nation Green roster. while we still have no Blue Champion Ryu is the green champion but he has no number one contender for his title. The 500th video count is coming up and with that the next royal rumble that will follow it. Now is the time to see what will happen if and when this rumble will happen and the trends of the M4G-Nation rumble matches.

Past rumbles

There have been five past main roster royal rumble winners. Yusuke Urameshi was the first winner and the first Inter-Universal(Now M4G-Nation green) Champion. Darth vader would win the second and win the title from Buu at M4Gamania(he would lose it to Captain America in money in the bank cash in) Packard won the third rumble but was unable to win the championship. Last Boba Fett is the only man to have won two rumbles winning the fourth and fifth back to back but was unable to capture the championship.

The amount of overall time sepnt in the royal rumble has finally been done thanks to careful work from Javier Onate(Combined Time Spent in a Royal Rumble) This list counts everyone single wrestler who has ever fought in a royal rumble and the numbers are interesting. The more rumbles your in the more time you have spent in the rumble. No shock seeing Ezio at the top of overall time spent in a royal rumble matchup. Thanks to some great runs he is at the top.

Only three men have been in every single main roster royal rumble matchup. They are Vegeta, Sub-Zero, and Darth Maul. Expect all three men to again be in the royal rumble matchup and keep the trend going.

Other Champions besides the main one have always been in the royal rumble as the Atom-Weight Champion, Hardcore Champion, Tag Team Champions, have been in the matchup. One trend is the Galactic Champion(or now pollution Champion) has never been in the rumble matchup. Captain Pollution had been in the first four rumbles before breaking the trend in the fifth. Will we see him back in the fight?

There has always been a debut in the royal rumble matchup and with the new roster and stars yet to debut there will be one. Will anyone be able to make an impact.

Now we go by the numbers

7.5% The winners of the royal rumbles have come from 27th, 23rd, in the two 30 man rumbles and in the 40 man rumbles have come out 38, 29, and 36 meaning that your chances go up when you are in the last 7.5% of superstars yet to come. While this is true no man has ever won the rumble from the last spot in the rumble match despite the great odds it gives.

9 still the record held by Ezio for most elimations in a single rumble. He also lasted 25 minutes and 47 seconds an amazing run that is still the longest time spent in a rumble by a single man.

1 & 2 The starting spot of the royal rumble matchups. No man has ever been able to win from there two spots and the long road to heel starts here. Vegeta is the only man in history to get both numbers and start the royal rumble twice. Will he get the shaft again?

13 The shortest amount of time spent in a single royal rumble was done by Ash Ketchum with 13 seconds. He entered the ring, punched Myotismon, ran the ropes, got punched by Myotismon which sent Ash into the corner, and then was kicked out by Myotismon landing on the floor while Ash's theme song was still playing in the background. Many have tried such as Captain America and Megaman to break the record but none have been able to do it.

14 The spot in WWE royal rumble that is infamous for someone to either die and or get fired. In the M4G-Nation these men are Sub-Zero, Ezio, Darth Maul, Skeletor, and Leondias. Does that mean that these men are midcard for life if they come out of the 14th spot?

4 the number of royal rumble winners Yusuke, Darth Vader, Packard, and Boab Fett.

50% Of the 4 men who have won a royal rumble matchup 50% have gone on to win a championship and this may be the most important number of them all.

With this in mind who will win the next royal rumble. Past trends lean towards Atom Weights doing well, Super Heavyweights failing to make an impact, but a wrestler in between wins the match. With that in mind i think that the winner of the next royal rumble will be.......

I don't know. So instead of trying to guess lets just see what happens and see who will become the winner of the sixth royal rumble.

Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy your time with family, friends, and loved ones.

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