Like my good friend Tom Robinson i too shall make picks in this tounrment. I have a few places where i disagree and they shall make for a good first round. I shall also make a few tournment picks as well.

Gohan/Burger King - An upset here is not likely. I don't buy into Gohan being able to beat one of the best wrestlers in D League. Burger King may be the first man to own both titles in D League which would be huge as he is a strong pick to win the whole tournment and. Still should be a fun match.

Cyclops/Jack Skellington - Both won there 6 man matchups which makes for an interesting battle. We have seen both men in a matchup before Cyclops in the X-Men vs Avengers and Jack in the mini tag team tournement. While I like both Cyclops has a lot to prove and will win this match

Waldo/M. Bison - M. Bison is a strong guy but really Waldo is a wild card who could do damage depending on what type of matchup he is placed in. I am picking the little man.

Joey Ryan/Blade - Blade has been nothing good and no matter how much Pat likes him i don't see Blade winning. Joey Ryan is too good and has a lot to prove as he has been treading the entire time in TMNXT. I think Joey has what it takes to win this match.

Woody/Leonardo -Tag Team Champion Woody is hot and not going to lose to a turtle

Nightcrawler/Iron Patriot - Marvel showdown between Iron Patriot and Nightcrawler. Both heroes have been unable to find there way and this tournment could revive them but only if they get out of round 1. While i like Nightcrawler i don't see him making it out. Upset special Iron Patriot

Johnny Bravo/Reptile - Johnny Bravo needs to prove he can win matches and this is the time for him to shine. Reptile is a powerful foe to face through and this is a matchup i look forward too.

Charmander/Spawn - This is a weird little matchup in round one as a pokemon faces a demon. I would love to pick Spawn but so far i have not been able to really get behind him. Still he could prove me wrong but i am picking the Fire Type Charmander.

Riddler/William Wallace -This is a defining matchup for Ridder. After losing his title he needs to climb back up and William Wallace stands in the way. This won't be a cakewalk but i think Ridder has what it takes.

Darkwing Duck/Thor - Round way always seems to have mismatchs and this is one of those. Darkwing Duck has won a match in TMNXT while Thor is winless. Thor has not been able to live up to the number one pick status he got during the draft. Still i like the god's chances in a minor upset.

Man In The Yellow Hat/Popeye - Popeye has stright out sucked while Man in the Yellow Hat has been great. The best wrestler Pat's team has and former African Bare Knuckes boxing champion(Wade Barrett eat your heart out) The Man in the Yellow Hat  will punch out Popeye and pin the sailor for the one two three.

Shredder/Dragon Dragon - A important matchup for Dragon Dragon. He has to win but somehow i doubt he stands a chance because Shredder has been amazing.

James Bond/Green Ranger - James Bond has to perform. A royal rumble win does not suit the fact he has been unable to pick up any singles win since. Now he needs to do well or esle. Green Ranger is Trevor's newest member and this match will be a big one for the Hero. But i think the Spy will win this matchup and save his job.

Lil Chris Jericho/Kick-Ass - The mini Walls of Jericho vs the former tag team champion in what i think will be the best match in all of TMNXT round one. Both guys can be really good and may define there careers in this thing. I must favor Jericho only becuase he has so much skill.

Nappa/Blake Griffin - I would love it if Nappa would come out first. Then we get Blake Griffin and the Ho's for a 3 minute intro. Then right as the much begins Nappa pulls a Sheamus and brogue kicks Griffin and pins him in ten seconds. Nappa wins.

Hellboy/Mario - Hellboy has himself a good man to face as mario is just not what was to be expected. He has underperformed and i dobut Mario will win this matchup. Hellboy for days.

Tournment wide predictions

These are my tournment wide predictions.

  1. James Bond makes it to at least the qauther final round saving his job
  2. A Free agent somehow makes it to the final 8 and maybe the final 4.
  3. Packard will fire the most people from his team after the tournemnt
  4. Woody will be the first of the top four seeds to go down
  5. The wrestler for all 5 teams and the free agents that go the further then anyone esle will be

Packard: Burger King


M4G: Johhny Bravo

Pat: Man in the Yellow Hat

Fans: Ridder

Free Agents:Don't know which one

The final four will be Burger King, Johhny Bravo, The Ridder, and Nappa.

The finals will be Burger King and Ridder and the winner is............

Method Man - The Riddler-004:01

Method Man - The Riddler-0

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