Hello I am Skyler Greenberg or Captain97G and I will do a preview of Singularity. I will provide throughts, recap how this match came to be, preidctions and other things that apply to this match(note i will only predict matches where i know both oppenents). Should you the fans like this i will do a preview for every ppv.


Match #1 Jesus vs Hitler for the Atom Weight Championship and Hardcore Championship.

This match has the potential to be the best match on the card. Jesus is the current Hardcore Champion after attacking Newly crowned Champion Batman backstage. Since then Jesus has been near unstoppable helping Captain Pollution become the number one contender for the Galactic Championship and then winning the Atom Weight Tournament to ride into Singularity. Jesus Faces Hitler who debuted in the spring and has never looked back. With a high flying and fast offense Hitler has become the current Atom Weight Champion beating Ash and former Champion Daul Maul at Sonic Boom and then defending the Championship vs Trunks and Tein meaning he has beaten all other four former champions in two matches. Since then he has been resting and watching the tornament.

We saw a preview of this match in the elimation chamber on May 16th 2013. They would battle as the final two for near 8 minutes of nothing but amazing action. So many 2 counts and so many great moves such as two shooting star press of the top of pods and Jesus first and only use of Death From Above. These two could have the best match on the card and this is the match i look forword to the most. It is tough to pick a winner but i must against my better judgement pick Jesus since he is hot on his streak and has the most matches in M4G-Nation history at 12-8(not counting rumbles or match vs Santa). History will be made as we will have a dual champion for the first time.

Match #2 Pain Train vs Queens and 7s Oakland Rules match for the DD Championships

Queens and 7s are your DD Champions beating Jigglypuffs at Galactic Throwdown II. Since then many tag teams tried to become the number one contenders. Princess Fiona and Bulma known as Pain Train beat Queens and 7s on July 9th while Jigglypuffs would beat Frost Nips. Queens and 7s would make match between Pain Train and Jigglypuffs with the winners facing them in an Oakland RUles match(Hell in the cell Tornado Tag Team match) Pain Train won the match vs JigglyPuffs making Pain Train vs Queens and 7s happening.

This is one of those matches I feel will be a lower quality match. I do not doubt Bumla and Princess Fiona's abilities to have good matches. I question Queens and 7s beaing able to have a good match. Overall this could be a good match a decent match or a horrible match. It all depends on what the two teams can bring. I like Pain train and would take them to become the new champions.

Match #3 Taylor Swift vs Daenerys Targaryen for the Harlots Division Championship

Daenerys arrived, rasied hell, and became champion. In a triple threat match vs Harley Quinn and Taylor Swift at Sonic Boom Daenerys would escape becoming champion. She would then beat Silk Spectre at Galactic Throwdown II to retain. Taylor would after Galactic Throwdown II end the undefeated streak of Jessica Rabbit. Taylor would challenge Daenerys to a Inferno match for the title which Daenerys accepted. They would each then have stipulations set into place. If Taylor Swift won Daenerys would be gone as long as Taylor is champion but if Daenerys wins then Taylor must attend drug rehab.

Overall this is an important matchup in the Harlots Division. Taylor has been the face of the division winning the championship twice and being one of the stronger Harlots around. Daenerys had been on a roll since coming into M4G-Nation. By far this should be one of the better Harlots matches. The fact that the ring will be on fire and the stipulations being so important will add to this match., Sadly i do think Taylor will be heading to rehab since Daenerys has been one of the better fighters and will set her on fire.

Match #4 Captain Pollution vs Master Chief for the Galactic Championship

Captain Pollution would warn Master Chief at Sonic Boom that he would be coming for the Galactic Championship. Master Chief would blow off Captain Pollution as a girl. Pollution would first fail to gte the number one contendership from Kratos and then he would fail to win a hell in the cell match getting pinned by Hulk. But he would the day after challenge Master Chief to a tag team match with Pollution and Jesus vs Chief and a partner of his. The Hulk would be the partner but Chief would be attacked backstage by Buu and Zangief. Jesus would pin Hulk with Captain Pollution being granted the shot. Master Chief would try to get out of it but Captain Pollution made Zangief attack the Hulk forcing Master Chief to keep his word. Joshua Campbell would warn Pollution about M4Gnitude's coming. M4Gnitude would try to fire Pollution but Pollution would give a low blow followed by chair shots to his face and body that put M4Gnitude out for a few days. M4Gnitude would come back making the match for Galactic Championship still happening but warning Pollution they were not done.

This match is hard to predict. Master Chief has been one of the best wrestlers on the roster. Having been the only two time Galactic Champion and surviving the fall of SFW Chief isjust one of those guys who gets better and better. He has size but is also very smart. Captain Pollution has since turning to the Supermacy gotten more and more dangerous. As a result even his allies fear him. Viva La Pollution! is the new battle cry of many of the M4G-Nation and this match can be one of the better ones. I will say Master Chief retains with help from M4Gnitude but i could be wrong. Either way i look forword to this one.

Match #5 Jack-6 vs Bane for the M4G-Nation Championship

These two titans were sqaure off once again. Jack-6 was the cocky, arrogant, poweful Champion and no one seemed able to stop him. Space Ghost however warned Jack-6 of a friend who would beat Jack. Jack-6 met Bane(who had become bigger and badder) and showed fear for the first time. They would battle in a match where Jack-6 was allowed to use weapons and his pinfalls counted anywhere. Bane would get Jack-6 on the top rope and superplex him from the top. The ring would crash from there weight and Bane would rise from the ashes and become the champion. Jack-6 would become whiny about the championship before squashing 2 Fast 4 Speed. Space Ghost would offer Jack-6 another chance at the title vs Bane in a Hell in the cell match which Jack-6 accepted.

This is a tricky one to pick. Bane has been nothing short of domiant since his return injuring Marcus Fenix and fighting to a standstill with Zangief and beating Jack-6. However Jack-6 had been on one of the great runs as M4G-Nation Champion beating Yusuke, Goku, Boba Fett, Master Chief and Raphael(3 vs 3 tag team match with Marcus Fenix and Bojack)to defend his championship. Jack-6 puts on MOTY after MOTY candaites left and right. His bout with Goku at Northern Lighta and impromptu classic vs Yusuke come to mind. Overall this is the main event for a reason becuase it is for the most important title and in a hell in the cell. While i like Bane i don't love him. His repackage into a monster was much better then his first run as "broadway" Bane and his new manager Space Ghost has really helped him. That said Jack-6 is the complete package and is the star of the M4G-nation and i think he will win this match. I think someone is getting put through the cell tonight and i think it will be Bane who falls 20 feet to the ring below.

Thank you for reading this and stay tuned for the ppv.

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