Hello my name is Captain97G or Skyler Greenberg and i am a maker of this wiki. I am here to address an important topic and that is trash talk on the wiki. As you know i have worked hard to add pages to this wiki. Many of the pages are very speical to me mainly the ones i made on my own. So it is hard for me to watch the pages i make become apart of someone else's rant espically when it is not needed. This wiki was not made to become your playground where you bad mouth any of the wrestlers. 

Now i am sure you will look at my little war with Jakob over videos and promos. I even had a little fight with the Captain Pollution page(whoever made that btw is very good at getting the Pollution's reactions to my posts in character.) I understand all the trash talk i did was bad and have since made my apologies to both the fellow fans as well as Jakob and the M4G-Nation guys. I realzied while i have passion i need to control myself and have since returned to my normal self. Now normally i would not call anyone out when it comes to wiki stuff. But i think i know who has written the comments on the wiki page Ash and Captain Planet. Raymond(or whoever did it) i don't like what you did. The wiki was made to catalog ever major event in the history of the M4G-Nation. It was not made to become the place where you rant all you want about your fav guy and hate anyone esle. I was highly offended by your comments not becuase of what you said but that you turned the pages i worked very hard on(Both Ash and Captain pollution took 2 hours each so that was four hours of work) and basically crapped on them. I don;t care what you say on the Facebook page or the Youtube comments. But to take my work for granted and use it to prove your point makes me hate you. If you want to express your opinion then write a blog as we all do from time to time. Don't comment all over the wrestler pages. 

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