Hello M4G-Nation fans, freinds, first timers, hardcore fans, and others to the final pay per view of the year and the second biggest M4Gamania. This is the final pay per view that will feature WWE 13 as the game that the promotion will use(THANK GOD IT IS ALMOST OVER). As this is the final pay per view it will be sure be a fun one. Now as many of you know the guys from the m4g-nation had taken a break for a while and were tired from amking games on the video game. As a result we really do not know what matches or who was going to be there. Now i offer a chance to see what will be happening. Thanks to Trevor i have the card for the event but no results so this will be a spoiler free loom at the event.

Matches *Not in order

What will not be on the card

Before we begin i need to tell you guys some bad news. Due to issues with the memory stick the guys had there will be no Harlot matches and there will be no tag team championship match. It will hurt the ppv to not have the tag team champions who were on fire. It also hurts that an entire division will not be show cased. Still hopefully when WWE 14 comes into play the champs of the divison and tag team division will give us something. I look forward to seeing Westros and Harlots another time.

Match 1. Tag Team match Ezio and V vs Space Ghost and Bane

This is a tag team match that may be a number one contendership match for the tag team titles. As Westros had destoryed most of the division that was left new teams needed to step up and these two teams have the chance to step up. The winner could end up tag team champions. Ezio brought V to the m4g-nation and Space Ghost had teamed with bane before. I expect a back and forth matchup between these two teams as they battle on ppv. This will not be the best match but it should be a fun one. I will pick Ezio and V to pick up the slight upset(Bane is a former M4G-Nation Champion and is the only one who is a former champion) and will become the number one contenders.

Match 2 Atom Weight Division Championship fatal four way Tien(c) vs The Joker vs Deadpool vs Trunks

I want spots and nothing else from this matchup. Tien has been a great champion being only one of two men to beat Hitler. Tein then beat 5 other Atom Weights in the hell in the cell. Now he has three Atom Weights gunning for his title. Trunks the first Atom Weight Champion has been battling to try and become the champion again and he wants that title back. Deadpool showed up and won everyone's hearts. Now he can become a champion for the first time. But this match is about Tien and The Joker. The Joker has been playing mind games with the champion attacking him and trying to run him over. The Joker is in the head of the champion and now he has a chance to become the champion. This will be fun and i pick The Joker to become the champion since he has made such a impact thus far.

Match 3 Hardcore Championship ladder fatal four way match Captain Falcon(c) vs Scorpion vs Big Daddy vs Dante. 

First off hats off to Captain Falcon who has passed Vegeta for the longest Hardcore Championship regin in the history of the M4G-Nation. But that means nothing to the 4 guys who seek the title. We have a former tag team champion in scorpion badass in Big Daddy and hero of Team M4G-Nation Dante. This is important for Captain Falcon. He has been tough so far winning a fatal four way and then defending it vs V and winning. Captain Falcon will have a tough time with these four guys. I don't think Falcon will retain but if he does he will be amazing. I pick Dante to win because he has showed off some skill and becoming champion will be huge for him

Match 4 Galactic Championship Hell in a cell Master Chief(c) vs Captain Pollution

Captain Pollution and Master Chief have been rivals for a while now. They have attacked each other wrestled so many times and fought tooth and nail for the Galactic Championship. This should be the final match between these two men. I think Master Chief has been amazing but he needs to bring his A-game. He has been unable to beat Pollution in a singles match and while he pinned him to get the championship back it was in triple threat when Ash also kciked Pollution down. Captain Pollution could use this win to become a threat again. If he wins then he may end up being the Galactic Champion and could fight Bandit Keith for the M4G-Nation Championship. The thing to watch for is someong trying to get in and effect the match. After all Boba fett attacked Master Chief and Bandit Keith won't try kindly to Pollution's threats. This will be a great match and i pick Master Chief to retain but something may happen to him

Match 5 Road to gold series finals Gauntlet match Ryu vs Zangief vs Kratos vs Vegeta

This is the finals of the Road to Gold series and it has been fun and lets look at each man's fight to get there. First Place Ryu won the ten man rumble to start off the event and never looked back. A few months later and with 13 points he enters this matchup in first place but can he finally rise up and become a star? Zangief was the man Ryu knocked out to win the first battle. But the former Internet Champion has won singles matches over the Hulk, King Leondias, a fatal four way vs Captain America, Space Ghost, and Deadpool and won a over the top rope battle royal finishing second with 12 points. Zangief has been non stop since the first ten man battle royal and now looks to become the winner. Kratos was not in the series to begin with. he won a match vs Raphael in order to get in. But then Kratos has been nothing short of powerful. Kratos would start by beatin pre tournment favrotie Jason Voorhess then follow it off with a fatal four way steel cage match vs Darth Maul, Ironman, and Ryu. Kratos would top it with a win in a 4 man battle royal getting rid of the other three men. Kratos has the fir ein his eyes and seeks the his next battle. Last is Vegeta. Vegeta is a man who has been tag team and Hardcore Champion but he wanted to be more. Vegeta would win a singles match vs Deadpool and Yusuke before winning a last minute battle royal to get eight points and finish above Ironman. Now he wants to fullfill his dream of champion.

All four of these men have done a great job and each has earned there spots. But only one man can become the winner and number one contender. The Gauntlet throw a winkle into this match since we do not know who comes out when. Ryu is The Wildcard, Zangief The Powerhouse, Kratos The Dominator, Vegeta The Veteran. I think this will come down to the two hottest men Kratos and Zangief. I like Kratos but Zangief has been near perfect and I cannot see Kratos finding a way. Zangief wins this match

Match 6 M4G-Nation Championship match 20 minute Iron man match Bandit Keith vs The winner of the Road to Gold Series

The winner of the road to gold series finals match will get their title shot later in the night in a 20 minute Ironman match. Now Bandit Keith did once fight Cookie Monster for the Hardcore Championship so he does have experiance with weapons. Since he won the title so recently Keith will try to do whatever he can in order to retain. But each match is case by case. Bandit Keith can use the weapons to take control and beat Ryu easily. Vs Zangief if Bandit Keith can get to the weapons then he stands a chance but if Zangief gets it we have a new champion. Kratos the former Hardcore Champion could use the weapons very well to take contorl but it would be a battle. While Bandit Keith is bigger then Vegeta Vegeta is a former two time Hardcore Champion and knows the way to use weapons to win. Since Zangief is the one i picked to win Road to Gold it is him who will battle vs Keith.

If Bandit Keith can get to the weapons first and wear down Zangief he has a chance. But if Zangief gets to them first he will win this match. Overall i think the main event will be the bets matchup no matter who it is that faces Keith. But i am a bit scarred for the champion because i am just not sure if he will be able to retain. I think Keith can retain but i am not sure if he will.

Thank you guys for giving this a read. As a long time wiki maker i have made a lot of the history that exsits on the wiki. I look forword to making more with yuo fans and the m4g-nation guys as we make more history and more fun for ourselves. have a good day and may the ppv be fun.

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