So in the History of the M4G-Nation there have been 2 major Tournaments. One is the TMN Tag Team Tourney for the Tag Team Championship contedndership and the Ice Cream Social for the Harlot Division Championship. Well Ladies and Gentlemen it has been a while since one has been held. I think there should be one for the M4G-nation Championship and i have the Concept down.


Whoever will be on the Tournament must be the best of the best. They need to have proved themselves and must be ready for the next chanllenge. The fact that Jack-6 is the Champion makes it very hard for most if anyone to beat him. However I have a way to pick out the best and see who really is the top of the food chain. The Name is The Tournament of Champions which means in order for a superstar to be in the event they must have either held or are holding a championship(sorry Sketeer not you). This picks out all the superstars who already are the best and then forces them to see who shines among them.


As stated above each member of the Tournament must either hold or held a championship in M4G-Nation. The list of Superstars as of June 5th 2013 would be

Atom-Weight Championship 1. Adolf Hitler 2.  Ash Ketchum 3. Trunks play in Tien Shinhan play in Darth Maul

Hardcore Championship 1. Poseidon 2. Vegeta 3. Cookie Monster 4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ironman  Kratos

Tag Team Championship  1. Bojack 2. Sub-Zero 3. Scorpion play in King Leondias play in Sephiroth

Galactic Championship 1. Master Chief 2. Jason Voorhees

Inter-Universal Championship 1. Darth Vader 2. Buu 3. Yusuke Urameshi 4. Captain America

Bracket Maker

Now there are 22 former, signed former/ current champions so there will need to be a few play in matchs. The matches would look like thus

Atom Weight Play in Tein vs Darth Maul

Tag Team Play in King Leondias vs Sephiroth

The 4 regions would then look like this

Atom Weight Region

1. Adolf Hitler vs Play in         2. Ash vs 3.Trunks

Hardcore Region

1. Poseidon vs 4. Dale Jr.       2. Vegeta vs Cookie Monster

*Galactic Region

1. Master Chief vs 4. IronMan     2. Jason vs 3. Kratos

Inter-Universal Region

1. Darth Vader vs 4. Captain America          2. Buu vs 3. Yusuke

Tag Team Championship

1. Bojack vs Play in              2.Sub-Zero vs 3. Scorpion


If fans were allowed to make brackets the fan who guesses right would win a t shirt. If the crew at M4G-Nation can't afford it than the fan can choose any character of there choice (Even the fan themself) and that character will become a member of the roster.

The Winning roster member would face Jack-6 for the M4G-Nation Championship on the grandest stage of them all M4Gamania. This Tournment would happen at some point at around augest and end in October. Overall this is my idea and let me know your thoughts.


  • The Regions all had at least 4 former champions so i could fill it excect the Galactic Championship. I don't count Jack-6 since he is the current M4G-Nation Champion so i only had two men. To Make up for this i took two men from the Hardcore title sence at random and sloted them vs Jason and Master Chief.

The seed number depends on current status and number of regins. Current Champions all got the highest seed and men with more titles regins are sloted higher than the men that have fewer.

The play in rounds were made becuase of an odd number of roster spots. Choosen at random were four men in the two regions that needed a play in round which resulted in the match ups you see.

This whole thing was just an idea. I do not expect the M4G-Nation to do this. Even if it were to happen the play ins and seeds may be different as well as certain match ups and roster spots. Aslo keep in mind this is a list of current and former champions as of June 5th 2013 and may be subject to change.

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