Hello everyone. My name is Skyler Greenberg and i am a member of the wiki team. We have had a lot of great wrestlers who have come and gone. A lot of guys have claimed championships in the M4G-nation. But the newest Hardcore Champion The Tick has done it in an amazing effort defeating Big Daddy. After watching this match i made a few calls and a got some favors and i got a interview with the new champion.

Skyler Greenberg: May i be the first to welcome my guest at this time. The NEEEEWWWW Hardcore Champion. The Tick

The Tick: thank you Skyler glad to be here.

Skyler Greenberg: So let's start with the question that everyone has. Who are you and what do you do?

The Tick: *laughs* i suppose that was going to come up. I am a superhero from New England comics. I am suppose to be a hero but i am not a normal hero. In many ways i am a parody of real superheros. My powers are strength and mass and i have "nigh invunlnerable" as well as dramatic power. I enjoued being a superhero but i wanted to try different things.

Skyler Greenberg: Is that why you decided to beocme a pro wrestler?

The Tick: Yes. I heard about the M4G-Nation as a fast rising promotion known for hiring superheros. I applied for the Promotion and i was told the roster was to be expanded and i was invited for try outs.

Skyler Greenberg: Why the crown?

The Tick: The Crown was a gift and it is a symbol of where i want to be and that is on top of the M4G-Nation. Even through i just got drafted i look forward to making an impact

Skyler Greenberg: Can you please tell us the process of getting drafted? We don't ever hear about what goes on behind the scenes.

The Tick: Well i was called in for try outs. It was me and around 40 of us guys who applied. There was a mix of us rookies who had never wrestled, D League members, and some roster members. Ron Swanson began by giving us a speech and warning us of the high standards that the M4G-nation had. He was the head trainer along with Kenny Powers, Mace Windu, Optimus Prime. Daenerys Targaryen was there training the Harlot rookies through she put us guys through our paces. I got the chance to work with Master Chief and it was a honor working with the three time Galactic Champion. During the training Packard, Trevor, M4G, and PJR were in a sky box and watching us and taking notes.

Afterwards we were all brought back three days later for the draft. There was 75 of us who were sitting in this green room. It was me, the rookies, D Leaguers, and Main roster guys. It was werid seeing this mix of wrestlers in one room becuase we would not find out who had jobs or not. The drafted started and a lot of us started sweating it out and i was hoping i was picked. In the 28th round my name got called and i entered this small room and Trevor was sitting there with a contract welcoming me to M4G-Nation Blue.

Skyler Greenberg: So what was your first match like?

The Tick: It was that Hardcore matchup and i was sort of the one who had to prove something. Venom, Reptile, and Spawn had all been in the M4G-Nation D League so people knew about them while this was my debut. I was nervous but i went out there and battled. It came down to me and Spawn and i was able to knock him off the ladder. I grabbed that briefcase with the number one contendership and it felt so good. *smiles* through i admit that matchup took a lot out of me but i enjoyed it. It hurt but i did not mind because i did not feel much of it. But still we put everything on the line for a shot at a championship.

Skyler Greenberg: What was it like wrestling in a championship match your second match ever?

The Tick: It was werid because i never thought i would get there so quick. But once the match became real i put all my feelings behind and got ready to become the Hardcore Champion.

Skyler Greneberg: Big Daddy the then Hardcore Champion was on a roll himself. He wrestled you very hard and gave you a lot of punishment. Whta was it like?

The Tick: I may not feel much pain but Big Daddy still hurts whenever he gave me a move. Those steel stairs. I had never seen anyone use the steps like he did. It was as if it was his personal toy and he kept it on me. I could not catch a break and there were many times where i wondered what the hell do i do?

Skyler Greenberg: When did things turn around?

The Tick: When he threw me into the ring and i was able to kick out at 2. I had to do something quick. I was able to get the Master Lock on and that weaken him. After that i got the steps and used it vs him. it felt so good to make him pay. 

Skyler greenberg: 1...2....3.. the winner of this matchup and the New Hardcore Champion 


  • both laughs*

The Tick: i am happy to be the new Hardcore Championship i look forward to being the head of this division

Skyler greneberg: What is your view of the Hardcore Division? and also how do you want to be remebered as a hardcore champion. There have been some really bad champions like Batman, Ironman and there have been some great champions like Jesus, Captain Falcon, and Vegeta.

The Tick: Its funny you mention Vegeta because after my win he came up to me gave me a handshake and a pat on the back saying "Good job kid" after the matchup. Look the Hardcore Division is the foundation of the singles divisions in the M4G-Nation. It can make or break if your not ready. Ironman and Batman were awful champions because they were not ready. While Falcon and Vegeta made this title mean something.

Skyler Greenberg: It seems like Vegeta means a lot too you. Care to explain?

The Tick: Vegeta is one of the coolest guys on the roster. A lot of people(Packard) don't give him credit for what he has done being the First Hardcore Champion, being the only muti time Hardcore Champion, a Tag Team Champion. He is a longtime roster member and the first week of the brands Vegeta got all the Blue rookies together and gave us a pep talk telling us it was time to make it or break it. He gave us advice dealing with issues and waiting for the right time to strike and also telling us we made to take what we got and win or esle. I decided i wanted to make it and prove i belonged so i took what he said to heart and became the Hardcore Champion. It was also amazing when the incident happened during the meeting.

Skyler Greenberg: Incident?

The Tick: Well us rookies were with Vegeta in the backstage area in the coomon area Captain Pollution came from behind clapping the speech vegeta just gave us. "Fine Speech Vegeta for a man who can only pride himself on being a place holder Tag Team Champion and a Hardcore Champion." "Oh really? well what do you have  to say about my win last night? I am the number one contender for your championship and i will take it" "Please you could not wrestle your way out of a paper bag. You know you got a lot to say even if your Goku's bitch..." Vegeta exploded and got in Pollution's face "How dare you assume i am the pet servent of that low class Kakarot. I AM VEGATA and i am the Prince of all Saiyans and i will destory you and take your championship." Trevor and Ron Swanson came in to break it up but those two have got a lot of hate with each other. The rest of the rookies along with me were dumbfounded. 

Skyler Greenberg: Amazing but still this is about you. Your the Hardcore Champion. How long will you be Hardcore Champion?

The Tick: Forever? *laughs* no i will be champion as long as i can go. I will take down anyone who stands in my way and i will fight them anywhere. I hope the guys bring the best that they got because i don't intend to make it easy.

Skyler Greenberg: I am sure. Have a good day and good job on becoming the new champion. Perhaps we shall speak again.

The Tick: thank you and anytime.

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