This is a fun blog not meant to be taken serious by anyone and is non canon to the m4g-nation. Purely down for fun.

So as many of you know the Hardcore Championship can be defended 24/7 anywhere anytime. But we only see what happens at the arenas and not what happens outside of them. Well i have some stories about hardcore matches that happened outside of the M4G-nation. These stories could happen if they really made the Hardcore Championship the Hardcore Championship. But we can tell these stories and pretend they happened.

Championship defenses


As many of you know Vegeta is the first Hardcore Champion and he had a rather long regin. He defended it vs Ironman backstage and vs Django. However he also had a match outside the M4G-Nation. So Vegeta was traveling and was eating at a waffle house around 7:30 AM. No one esle was in the building besides the cook and a waiter. Vegeta has justed finished eating when the cook came by to check and see it was good. As the cook left he took a frying pan and hit Vegeta over the head. The Waiter ripped off his shirt revealing a Referee shirt underneath. The cook covered Vegeta for a 2 count. The Cook grabbed Vegeta's Head and pulled it to the cash register. Vegeta woke up and hit the cook in the head with an elbow before grabbing the cash register and throwing it at the cook. While the cook was down Vegeta grabbed his bags with the Hardcore Belt inside and ran towards the door. The cook and the waiter ran to the door. Just as they got outside Vegeta hit the final flash on the cook knocking him out. Vegeta then punched the waiter knocking him out. Vegeta then grabbed 5 bucks from his pocket and put it in the waiter's pocket and gave the guy 2 playful slaps before picking his stuff up and leaving.

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster was backstage eating a pile of freshly baked cookies. No one walking by was dumb enough to bother the monster while he was eating. Even the then Tag Team Champions Spartarn Fury would not touch him. You see 5 days before Cookie Monster was eating cookies when Marcus Fenix came out of no where and attacked the Cooke Monster. A Referee came by and the match started. Marcus picked up Cookie Monster and threw him against the wall. "I'm the next Hardcore Champion" and with a stomp to pronouce it. The problem was he stepped on a cookie. "cookie???......COOOOOOOOOOOKIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" With red eyes Cookie Monster attacked Marcus Fenix punching his head 45 times in 5 minutes. Then Cookie Monster would grab a trash can and put it on Marcus's whole body and rammed it against the wall 12 times. Cookie Monster went back to the table and started eating cookies again while Marcus Fenix was crawling out and going to a local hospital.

Vegeta 2

Vegeta's second regin had another fun little title defense. Vegeta was at the gym working out and trying to get stronger. After Vegeta won back the title he wanted to make sure no one esle could attack him. However while he was working out he was attacked. A hulked out Brock Lesnar came out of no where and started beating down Vegeta. Vegeta tried using any and all the weights in the room but Brock was beating him down. Then before Vegeta could do anything he got an F-5 on the wooden floor section of the gym. Before Brock could pin him Ken Shamrock came out of nowhere and started attacking Brock. While the two were battling Vegeta picked up the Hardcore Championship and ran out the gym.


After winning the Hardcore Championship at Vernal Equinox Ironman went backstage into the Avengers Locker room. Captain America give him a huge hug while the Hulk came in afterwards and was pissed he lost. The Hulk started smashing the stuff in the room for no reason. Ironamn and Captain America tried to stop him. But the Hulk was angry and knocked them out with one punch each. The Hulk left the room in anger. Loki starts sneaking into the room with a referee and stood over Ironman. Before he could pin the avenger The Hulk came back in and gave Loki a punch that sent the God out of the staduim. The Hulk walked away saying "Puny God" Ironman and Captain America got up and asked the referee what happened but the ref shook his head and walked away.


Jesus was inside of a chruch doing a service with a few 200 people. As they started a hole in the ground began to form. Red molten lava came out and Satan stepped out. The two rivals began battle as the 200 people began singing random songs about chruch. Jesus grabbed the holy water and hit satan with it. Satan countered by using on eof the empty chruch pews and smahed it over Jesus's head. Jesus fell while Satan grabbed the priest and tried to force the guy to do the three count. The priest would not do it so Satan grabbed him and chokeslammed him into the hole. Jesus got up and hit Satan with the resurrection ddt. As he went to the back of the chruch fans started singing "Going to the chapel" Jesus would hit Death from Above from the back of the chruch. Jesus then went to the hole and grabbed the priest out of the hole unharmed while he grabbed satan and threw him into it. They began singing again ending with "Our God is an awesome God he regins from Heaven above"

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is the current Hardcore Champion and of course he has a great story too. He was racing in an F Zero track. It was a practice race for Captain Falcon who was clocking 200 MPH. As he was racing he noticed a green F Zero Car that did not belong to anyone he knew. It turned out to have a 88 on the hood and the car pulled up and it was Dale Earnhardt Jr. "This is a Hardcore Championship race and whoever makes it to the finish line first is the champ" "Dale your on" The race began. The two would clock 200 side by side for a few feet before they reached a drop point. Dale would go under Falcon and hit him and forced him off the track. When the track went back up Falcon's car skid on the track for a little bit. Dale started pulling away and began putting distance between him and Falcon. They were on the final half mile when Falcon hit speed booster and his car started going 250 mph.  Captain Falcon passed Jr. on the final 100 feet and won the race by a nose. The two would stop and Jr. would get out first and try to hit Falcon. Captain Falcon would jump out of his car and would give Dale Jr. a Falcon Punch. "SUCK ITTTTT"  screamed Captain Falcon he got back into his car and drove off.


Thank you for reading through these stories. Again none of them are real or have any canon to the M4G-nation or any of the Hardcore Championship regins. I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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