So this is a follow up idea to one i had a while ago. This will relook at the idea and see if it happened or what would change if it was done now. So a while ago i had an idea known as the Tournament of Champions. The idea was that every active roster member that was either a former or current champion besides the M4G-Nation Champion would battle in a single elimination tournament. The winner would become the new number one contender for the M4G-Nation Championship. As that idea was conducted their was at the first of this blog 22 former or current champions in the M4G-Nation. Now the numbers have changed as guys have won and lost titles and wrestlers leave or join the m4g-nation. Here is a look at the current wrestlers that would be in this event were it to happen right now. *Key note this is as of October 25th*


Former Champions Darth Vader, Captain America, Yusuke Urameshi, Bane, Jason Voorhess, Captain Pollution, Ash, Darth Mual, Trunks, Kratos, Cookie Monster, Ironman King Leondias, Link, Vegeta, Megaman, King, Batman, Zangief, Scorpion, Sub-Zero,  Sepiroth.

Galactic Champion Master Chief, Atom Weight Champion Tien, Tag Team Champions Khal Drogo and Poseidon Hardcore Champion Captain Falcon.


Now this list is a bit short as there are 25 active former and current champions. If we could bring in the Buu Supermacy members who have been kicked out then we get Jack-6, Buu, Jesus, then we have 28. If we can have 100 people on the roster at the same time on WWE 14 then we could also get the D League Champion and D league Tag Team Champions to make 31 1 short of a full 32. We could have a battle royal to find the 32nd member of the event. The 32nd spot would go to the idealy the best non champion on the roster. This spot would be the play in spot. The seeds would be based on the status of the champions and what titles they have won. Someone who is a former Galactic Champion would be ranked above Atom Weight who is same level as tag team with both above Hardcore. Current Champions would be above former and would have the higest seeds. The highest seeds would be Galactic Champion overall number 1 Atom Weight number 2 Tag Team 3 and 4 and Hardcore Champion number 5. Guys with more regins and muti champions would be ranked above guys who have only held 1 title. If i was to do a seeding of this tournamnet it would look like this.

1. Galactic Champion Master Chief, 2. Atom Weight Champion Tien 3. Tag Team Champion Poseidon 4. Tag Team Champion Khal Drogo 5. Hardcore Champion Captain Falcon 6. Jack-6 7. Buu 8. Yusuke Urameshi 9. Darth Vader 10. Bane, 11. Captain America 12. Jason Voorhess 13. Captain Pollution 14. Ash 15. Kratos, 16. Vegeta 17. Trunks 18. Sepiroth 19. Zangief 20. King Leondias 21. Link, 22.  Darth Maul 23.Megaman, 24. Jesus 25. King, 26. Scorpion 27. Sub-Zero  28. Batman 29. TMNXT Champion The Punisher 30. TMNXT Tag Team Champion Burger King 31. TMNXT Tag team Champion Woody 32. Play in spot for best non champion


1. Master Chief vs 32. Play In

2. Tien vs 31. Woody

3. Poseidon vs 30 Burger King

4. Khal Drogo vs 29 The Punisher

5. Captain Falcon vs 28. Batman

6. Jack-6 vs 27. Sub-Zero

7. Buu vs 26. Scorpion

8. Yusuke Urameshi vs 25. King

9. Darth Vader vs 24. Jesus

10. Bane vs 23. Megaman

11. Captain America vs 22. Darth Maul

12. Jason Voorhess vs 21. Link.

13. Captain Pollution vs 20. King Leondias

14. Ash vs 19. Zangief

15. Kratos vs 18. Sepiroth

16. Vegeta vs. 17 Trunks


As i look at the seeding and matchups there are a few mismatches. The biggest i see is Bane going vs Mega Man which if anyone is a fan of Megaman best hope he can survive. Ash vs Zangief could be another one but then we all would cheer Zangief. Then we have also have some fun matches like Captain Pollution vs King Leondias Master Chief vs any non champion play in winner and of course Vegeta vs Trunks. So why am i bringing this up? Well it is an idea i had and an idea i would pitch to the guys. But i want the wiki members and fans to judge and see if this was a good idea. Also it needs to be refined before it can happen. it won't happen now as we change to wwe 14, the D League has its own Tournament, and a ppv is about to happen. A event like this would also need time to happen as a touraments of 32 take time so perhaps there could break a two month break between ppvs which would be nice as we get storyline time and match time. An issue is the Hardcore Championship being in play but then we could have someone attack the hardcore champion who is not in the tournament to solve that problem. Anyways leave me your thoughts and concerns about this idea.

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