As a way to thank the 500 fans who liked the M4G-Nation Facebook page there was a royal rumble matchup just for them. Here are my reactions for the matchup and other random topics as i watched the video. *spoliers are in this so if you have not seen it don't read ahead.*

Royal rumble Reactions

First off welcome back The Shadow. Nice to hear your voice again since Packard and Pat James Regean have been M.I.A.

Okay 10 Blue vs 10 Green royal rumble. I like the braggging rights idea here to see who is the best. While nothing is on the line this shold still be fun.

And we start off well with Yoshi with his debut and he looks good. We can hope for a bright future for him....And he starts off vs Kratos. Good news...

Nice teamwork with Sub-Zero and Kratos. M4G-Nation Blue works well together.

I don't like Dante and i always thought he was overrated.


Vegeta knocks out Yoshi.

wow three quick knock outs.

And Vegeta is out...Shadow tries to voice Vegeta becasue of M4GNI2DE's hate for him. Not bad but work on it

And Ryu is putting work in

Zangief entered and clears house knocking out Ryu, and Jason Voorhess. 

The way i see it Zangief will be the main champion sooner rather then later. Sometime in the next 4 months is my prediction.

Captain Pollution entering the ring and getting attacked right away by Zangief.

That would be an awesome storyline with Pollution vs Zangief. The master vs his former pet. 

Ash and Pollution former rivals working together to try and take out Zangief. 

And Zangief knocks out Pollution. 

Haha i love The Hulk vs Loki. The avengers was such a great moive

Link gets rid of Zangief finally.

Zangief in his time knocked out The M4G-Nation Green Champion Ryu Former Galactic Champion and contedner for M4G-Nation Blue Championship Jason Voorhess, Current Pollution Champion Captain Pollution, and former Atom Weight and Tag team Champion and contender for M4G-Nation Blue Championship Ash Ketchum. Zangief is a future a star.

Captain Falcon and Link fighting each other continuing the trend that when the Tag Team Champions lose the titles they do not ever stay together afterwards. Only ones would be Mortal Kombat and Spartarn Fury but Kombat has not won anything outside of the Tag Team Division and Kratos and King Leondias are singles stars at this point.

Well some of the best wrestlers are out so we are not left with a lot of stars. 

Just as i say that Captain America comes in.

As much as you guys want him to be Wolverine will never mean anything.

And it is Wolverine vs Captain America. Stan Lee is smiling somewhere.

Side note love the Big Boot

And Wolverine wins.....

Ugh i hope he does not win the game.

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