Welcome to the tend of the year wiki awards. 2K 14 provided with moments that made us laugh, cry, and question pro wrestling. But we are here and it is time to recap the best of the year and award out the best moments of the years and the best of the best. These rankings are my own thoughts along with a few other people sating their thoughts.

Rookie of the Year

Goes to the wrestler who debuted this year and shocked the M4G-nation world and made an impact.

Criteria: Wrestler must have debuted during M4G-nation and have had at least 5 matches.

1. The Tick(Blue)

2. Quan Chi(Green)

3. Loki(Blue)

4. Paul Phoenix(Green)

Winner Loki

Analysis While the other guys espically Paul Phoenix all had great years Loki being the leader of one of the strongest groups in the history of the M4G-nation easily makes him have a great rookie year.

Botch of the Year

Goes to that moment that we shake our heads at and question why we like pro wrestling

1. Double Reptile(Vernal Eqinox 2)

2. Reptile's disappearing and reappearing Tag Team Championship

3. The Flash wins a match

4. Freiza springboards himself into a ladder(Singularity)

5. Camera Angles(Any falls count anywhere matches)

Winner The Flash wins a match

Analysis The Flash winning a match is a botch that should never have happened

Tag team of the Year

Goes to the tag team of the year who has controled the M4G-nation

1. Mortal Kombat(Reptile and Scorpion)

2. Red Death(Zangief and Red Tornado)

3. Golden Duo(Goku and Yusuke)

4. Xoctica Xpress(Broly and Brock)

5. Batman and Robin

Winner Mortal Kombat

Analysis In a down year for tag teams where most reigns lasted only a month i go with the team that won it and had it the longest.

Breakout star of the year

Goes to the wrestler who has broken past the glass ceiling and reahc new heights

Criteria The wreslter must have wrestled before 2k 14 and have had at least 5 matches in 2K 15.

Vegeta(Blue and Green)

Green Goblin(Green)



Winner Green Goblin

Analysis Right away people will say this is a landside victory for green Goblin. But it was not. Vegeta and Sub-Zero and Raiden all had great years espically Sub-Zero and Vegeta each having based on championships much better year then Green Goblin. But Green Goblin at the end of the day went from beign a low card wrestler to main eventing the second biggest ppv of the year vs one of the greats in Captain America for one of the two M4G-nation world titles and nearly winning if not for dirty tatics. He earned this but i could make a case for any of the other three.

Stable of the year award

Criteria Must have at least three members and wrestled together and or work together to reach a goal

1. The Unwashed(Blue)

2. Buu Supermacy(Blue)

3. Perfection(Green)

4. The Golden Trio(Green)

5. Team Blue(Blue)

Winner The Unwashed

Analysis As if anyone else as a group was able to do as much as The Unwashed has done. You can argue The Unwashed may be better then The Buu Supermacy at the height of their prime. However that is for another blog. For now through The Unwashed is the king of the mountain of Blue.

Match of the year

Goes to the match that is adknlwedged as being a masterpiece

1. Money in the Bank (Blue 3)

2. Ryu vs Quan Chi (Green 6)

3. La Pollution vs The Buu Supermacy (Vernal Eqiniox 2)

4. M4G-Nation Blue title match Kratos vs Jack-6 (Solar Eclipse 3)

5. Team Blue vs The Unwashed (M4Gamana 3)

winner Team Blue vs Unwashed

Analysis Gotta say all the matches were really good and we got a few on tv nearing the level of ppv which is a good sign. But the huge 7 on 7 match was by far the best of the best matches just because of who was in it and what was on the line.

Wrestler of the Year

1. Ryu(Green)

2. Ash ketchum(Blue)

3. Captain America(Green)

4. Jack-6(Blue)

5. Bane(Blue)

and the winner is................

Ash Ketchum
2583-ash4 super

Analysis: This is tough. This award was the hardest to grade. In fact before M4Gamania 3 i had slotted Kratos as number 5 until Bane decided to become an immortal and take over Kratos's place. Everyone had great years. Jack-6 was back ontop of the mountain, Captain America tied Jack-6 with M4G-Nation world title reigns, Ryu tied Jack-6 for longest reigning world title, and Bane just became Blue Champion and is the face of the Stable of the year. However what these men did have all been done before(Jack-6 did all those things but i degress) But what Ask ketchum did was history making. The first ever triple crown and grand slam champion. He has held titles on the bottom, middle, and the top of the M4G-nation world. Ash Ketchum has rewrote the histoery books thanks to his champion pedigree. Ash while he did have a weak ending to 2K 14 but what he did for the first 7-8 months was ledgendary. Congrats to Ask and his record year. 

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